When Liposuction is Not Enough 

does liposuction work

At the Skin and Vein Center, we understand how important it is to get the results you want. This is especially true with liposuction procedures. Patients who undergo liposuction are those who have been battling lingering, stubborn fat deposits. They have followed the best diets and undertaken rigorous exercise routines—all […]

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Liposuction Area Spotlight: The Chin

Can’t Get Rid of that Pesky “Double-Chin,” No Matter What You Do? Our bodies are miraculous, living machines; they are strong, beautiful, and mostly adaptable. Unfortunately, sometimes patients find that no matter how much dedication they show to maintaining their health and well-being through diet and exercise, their bodies have […]

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Liposuction Area Spotlight: The Ankles and Calves

cankle liposuction

Find Yourself Plagued by Dreaded “Cankles?” Liposuction May Be Able to Help! The human body is a miracle of strength, beauty, and adaptation. However, patients will sometimes discover that in spite of their commitment to taking the utmost care of their bodies through proper nutrition and ample exercise, there are […]

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Liposuction Spotlight: Arms Lipo

As we age, things on our body shift and change. Areas that once were high and firm can end up low and mushy, while other areas stretch, wiggle, and jiggle—no matter how hard we work at keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly; it’s a natural and annoying part of […]

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Liposuction Spotlight: Lower Back Lipo!

Lower Back Liposuction

Regardless of eating and exercise habits, people often struggle in ridding themselves of stubborn body fat. This can affect anyone in just about any part of the body. Among the most difficult of areas to reduce fat buildup is the lower back and the flanks. This is due to a […]

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Fat Transfers Over Implants

  For patients looking to add volume, a better shape, or more firmness to their bottoms, they are increasingly attracted to the benefits of fat transfer methods over traditional implants. Implants have long been the standard for women seeking shapelier breasts or buttocks, but as the benefits of fat transfer […]

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Tips for Liposuction Recovery

  In the weeks and months following your liposuction procedure, you will be able to start to see and enjoy the full results of your operation. The recovery time will vary by patient and will depend upon their individual healing process and what type of liposuction technique was used. Recovering […]

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Getting Rid of a Double Chin

Double chins affect men and women of all ages, even those who are careful with their diets and consistent with their exercise. For some, a double chin develops because of genetics, where fatty deposits congregate to a small pocket beneath their chin. For others, a double chin is the result […]

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Boosting Job Prospects With Cosmetic Procedures

The number of cosmetic procedures performed each year in the United States continues to soar as over 12 billion dollars’ worth of both invasive and non-invasive procedures were performed in 2014. Not only are people seeking these various treatments for their own personal vanity in hopes to feel better in […]

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Post-Pregnancy Vein Removal and Liposuction

  Pregnancy really does a number on most women’s bodies with side effects running the gamut from stretch marks to swollen ankles, distressed veins to extra baby weight, skin discoloration to aching backs. After the baby is born, a woman generally has to make a serious effort to try to […]

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