Tips for Liposuction Recovery

In the weeks and months following your liposuction procedure, you will be able to start to see and enjoy the full results of your operation. The recovery time will vary by patient and will depend upon their individual healing process and what type of liposuction technique was used. Recovering fully from liposuction will depend a lot on the surgeon and their skill level, but the patient has the greater responsibility to make sure they properly care for their body to help encourage full recovery and ensure proper maintenance of the final results.

Listen to Your Doctor

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a speedy and full recovery post liposuction is to make sure you’re following all of your doctor’s orders for doing so. Your doctor knows what’s best for you to recover completely and will give you a list of actions you can take to help your body heal. This may mean wearing a compression garment for a certain length of time or avoiding any heavy lifting. If you have any questions about the recovery process that your doctor has laid out for you, be sure to ask for clarity.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important for the body to function properly and it’s especially important as you recover from a liposuction operation. As your skin regenerates and your body attempts to combat any swelling that is taking place, proper hydration will be key to this effort.

Practice Cleanliness

After your liposuction surgery, your doctor will give you some information on how to keep treated areas clean to avoid any potential infections. Any bandages that are being used should be changed regularly to help ensure the area stays clean as well.  Of course, more invasive liposuction procedures will require more care in these areas than those that were far less invasive in nature.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition is essential to your body’s ability to heal properly from liposuction, but doing so is also a key component in maintaining the results of your liposuction. If you regularly eat unhealthy food, the results will show on your waistline and elsewhere on your body whether you had liposuction or not, and you may find that your liposuction results are short lived. Make any necessary changes in your diet and activity level to help ensure that your optimal liposuction results are long-term.

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