CO2 Laser Resurfacing

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CO2 Laser Resurfacing Fenton, Sterling, Livonia and San Diego, CA

CO2 laser resurfacing is a rejuvenation treatment to minimize or eradicate photo-damaged skin and other conditions that cause the skin to appear older. It can target areas of the skin that have been affected by wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and other irregularities to create a smoother and more youthful surface. The fractional CO2 laser directs a concentrated, pulsating beam of light at the problem areas of the skin to precisely remove damaged layers, revealing new and healthy skin underneath.

At Skin & Vein Center, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Eric Seiger and his team provide effective CO2 laser resurfacing treatments. Dr. Seiger started Skin & Vein Center with a focus on the use of the latest technology to provide life-changing cosmetic results for his patients. 

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About CO2 Laser Resurfacing

As the years go by, the skin grows weaker and more vulnerable to the effects of the sun, gravity, and everyday expressions like frowning and smiling. Today, an increasing number of people seek procedures to minimize conditions that cause the skin to appear older. Luckily, many technologies can meet these needs—from laser skin restoration to the newest non-ablative skin treatments. Skin resurfacing techniques are a proven approach to skin rejuvenation by precisely removing layers of skin to correct fine lines, wrinkles, scars, skin discolorations, and pucker marks. The results of laser resurfacing are long-lasting and dramatic.

How Does CO2 Laser Resurfacing Work?

CO2 laser resurfacing works by applying pulses of targeted light that penetrate through the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, which are absorbed by moisture beneath the surface. (1) The light energy from this controlled injury stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin. Collagen is a protein that loses its prevalence in the body as we age. It encourages the healing of damaged cells and the generation of new and healthy ones. The laser application process resurfaces the treatment area with a fresh layer of youthful-looking skin. (2)

What Can CO2 Laser Resurfacing Achieve?

Fractional (CO2) laser resurfacing from Skin & Vein Center is an ideal method for eliminating moderate to deep creases and lines caused by photodamage and aging. The Active FX peel, which uses CO2 laser technology, is an ideal method for a lighter peel with minimal downtime for recovery. In addition, the UltraPulse Encore procedure has broadened the applications for Fractional CO2 laser technology. This laser delivers superior results for the treatment of moderate to deep wrinkles. When used in conjunction with Active FX, it also treats fine lines and uneven pigmentation. Through the use of these cutting-edge procedures, we can improve skin tone and eliminate surface imperfections with minimal downtime.

Benefits of CO2 Laser Resurfacing

The benefits of this treatment are numerous. They include:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • Providing long-lasting aesthetic results through collagen production
  • Smoothing rough or uneven texture
  • Treating sun-damaged skin by reducing sunspots and liver spots
  • Reducing the “baggy” and tired look that can develop under the eyes
  • Reducing acne scars through the regenerative power of collagen
  • Removing or preventing malignant growths on the skin
  • Treating enlarged oil glands

Those who are curious about before-and-after CO2 laser resurfacing results from Skin & Vein Center can find a plethora of positive testimonials from our patients. To learn more about the services we offer at Skin & Vein Center, visit our blog. 

Who is a Candidate for CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Good candidates for laser resurfacing will have moderate signs of aging on their face. It works best as a preventative measure, reducing symptoms before they become worse and less reversible. If you have received a facelift or mini facelift and are not quite satisfied with the results, this treatment can accentuate your results. Those with very dark skin may not be the best candidates as some discoloration issues may occur.

To be eligible for this procedure, your skin should be in relatively healthy condition. If you have any kind of skin condition or infection, laser resurfacing may cause complications. You should have a well-functioning immune system, as proper healing is an essential aspect of this treatment. You should also have realistic expectations about what CO2 laser resurfacing can do for you. If your symptoms are severe, you may require cosmetic surgery to achieve the results you desire. 

Personal Consultation

Before undergoing a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, attend a personal consultation at Skin & Vein Center to help you determine if it is right for you. During your consultation, you will discuss your medical history, current health condition, and the results you are hoping to achieve. We will recommend the best possible treatment based on your unique skin condition, whether this is CO2 laser resurfacing, a milder non-ablative treatment, or a more intensive procedure. At the end of your consultation, we will give you an accurate cost estimate for your treatment and schedule your procedure appointment.

To arrange your personal consultation at one of our four locations, call (800) 400-8346 or fill out this form.


We will provide personalized preparation instructions for you to follow carefully before your CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. These will minimize your skin’s sensitivity and improve your ability to heal. In the weeks leading up to your treatment, you should avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Being overly tanned or having a sunburn could cause unnecessary discomfort during your procedure and as you heal. For similar reasons, halt the use of harsh skin care products such as those that contain acids. If you smoke, you should quit until you are fully recovered to encourage healing. You should also avoid substances that thin the blood like vitamin E, herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and aspirin. 

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Procedure

Laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure that generally takes no more than 45 minutes to two hours to complete. This will depend on the size of your treatment area and your specific skin concerns. Before the procedure, we will give you a local anesthetic to prevent any potential discomfort. Your provider will begin by cleansing your face and giving you special eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser energy. They will then use the CO2 laser device to apply light energy to the treatment area. When the procedure is over, we will monitor your condition and let you know when it is safe to go home. 


You may experience heightened skin sensitivity in the first few days of your recovery. After about one week, the topmost layers of skin will become dry and begin to peel. The newly exposed layer of skin beneath may appear pinkish or paler than usual. This discoloration will gradually improve over time. While you recover, do not rub, itch, or pick at your healing skin, as this may affect your results. Cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer and sunscreen daily. You can use an ice pack to reduce swelling for the first few days.


There are several different variables that will determine when the final results of your CO2 laser resurfacing will become visible. How quickly you see them will depend on the depth of your treatment and your rate of healing. Your skin will be swollen and pink for up to several months. It will also take some time for the increased collagen production to begin improving the quality of your skin. When the effects of your treatment settle into place, you will have smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin. 

How Many Laser Resurfacing Treatments Will I Need?

Many patients require no more than one session to see results, which can last for several years. It is possible to receive additional CO2 laser resurfacing treatments to maintain them. 

How Much Does CO2 Laser Resurfacing Cost in Detroit

The exact cost of your treatment will depend on the details of your treatment plan. To learn more about how much CO2 laser resurfacing costs at Skin & Vein Center, call (800) 400-8346 or contact us online. To get in contact with one of our four locations directly, call one of the numbers listed below:


Which areas of the body can CO2 laser resurfacing treat?

Typically, CO2 laser resurfacing is performed on the face and neck. It can target particular symptoms like uneven texture, under-eye bags, and creases around the mouth. 

How long does a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment take to complete?

A single CO2 laser resurfacing session can take from 45 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on the nature of a patient’s treatment plan. 

Does CO2 laser resurfacing hurt?

Local anesthesia prevents the potential discomfort that could arise during a CO2 laser resurfacing procedure. 

How long do the results of CO2 laser resurfacing last?

The results of a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment can last for several years, especially if it is done as a preventative measure. Patients can prolong their results by avoiding excessive sun exposure, applying sunscreen, and maintaining a diligent skin care routine. 


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