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Living with a double chin can be embarrassing, cosmetically displeasing, and an overall blow to your self-esteem. Even though not all double chins are a result of excess body fat, it can be hard to look in the mirror and see that extra skin hanging beneath the chin. After all, don’t we all want that slim, chiseled, and ageless look afforded by a strong, sleek jaw? Fortunately, with the Kybella® treatment, you can wind back the clock, make your face look slimmer than ever before, and kiss that double chin goodbye!

Causes of the Double Chin

Though excess fat accumulation is certainly a primary cause, double chins have a variety of sources that are hard to remedy naturally. Some families seem to naturally pass on the tendency to develop double chins – suggesting a genetic component – while many develop double chins as they age, as a result of the loss of skin elasticity beneath the jawline. Kybella® addresses these root causes and allows us to finally treat the dreaded double chin.


Kybella® double chin treatments are minimally invasive and require no surgery. In fact, each treatment only lasts around 15 minutes and utilizes a series of tiny injections in the affected area. Over the following couple of days, fat cells within the chin area are then ruptured and are slowly absorbed into the body. Most people will need four to six sessions, and you will begin to see the effects after a few weeks have passed.

Why Kybella®?

Though Michigan chin and neck lifts are certainly an option when it comes to treating a double chin, Kybella® is one of the only minimally invasive treatments available today that will take out fat cells, and thus take out your double chin. However, the benefits of Kybella® run even deeper than that. Here are just a few other benefits of the Kybella® double chin treatment:

Fast Recovery: Because treatments do not require surgery, nor do they take more than 15 minutes, patients can return to everyday activities immediately following a session.

Double Chin Removal: Once fat cells are ruptured due to Kybella®, they will not return. That makes the treatment’s removal of fat cells, ensuring long-lasting results! In fact, even if you do gain weight after the procedure, you will not gain a double chin; fat will accumulate elsewhere in the body instead.

A Rapid Youthful AppearanceKybella® treatments display fast results, turning back the clock on your face faster than almost any other procedure on the market.

Side Effects

Kybella® side effects are few and far between, but they do happen in very rare cases. Some side effects of undergoing the Kybella® double chin treatments include temporary damage to a nerve in the area, possible pain, and discomfort, and temporary swelling or bruising near the site. Fortunately, all Kybella® side effects are reversible and temporary.

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