Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy

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With new technology comes great improvements in treating vein diseases and disorders, and endovenous laser ablation therapy is one such improvement. Minimally invasive, it’s an ultrasound-guided technique that uses lasers to help rid your body of painful varicose veins. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that protrude in a gnarled bunch caused by blood flow backing up in faulty or weak veins and can be extremely painful. Not just cosmetically unappealing, varicose veins can be signs that something more serious is going on in your body and proper diagnosis and treatment are of the utmost importance.

Early Treatments

Earlier treatments for varicose veins were almost worse than the disease itself and involved cutting long incisions in the skin under general anesthesia and stripping the veins from the legs. Extended recovery periods were required, and the scars left behind, while not as unsightly as the gnarled veins, were still off-putting and undesirable. The negative factors of varicose vein treatment meant many people would put off treatment or avoid it altogether, thereby increasing their risks of the problem growing worse or even missing out on being diagnosed with a more serious condition. Today, however, with endovenous laser ablation, the procedure is minimally invasive and procrastination is no longer an issue.


The endovenous laser ablation procedure is a simple process, done as an out-patient procedure with little to no pain. A local anesthetic is used to minimize the pain of the needle. No incision is made, just a small puncture near the knee, and the procedure has a short recovery time. During the procedure, a needle is injected into the vein with a tiny laser fiber that shoots pulses of light inside the vein. The vein then collapses and seals itself, eventually being absorbed into the body. After the endovenous laser ablation treatment is over, compression stockings are worn for a period of time to ensure faster healing, but even if not worn, healing will improve, just at a slower rate.


Want to know what to expect after vein ablation? After the vein has collapsed, patients will notice an immediate improvement in blood flow and the afflicted areas will have a smoother, more attractive look, although multiple treatments may be needed to end the problem completely. After endovenous laser ablation therapy, there may be some slight bruising and swelling, but overall recovery is almost immediate and the patient will be able to resume normal activities upon walking out of the office. The success rate for this treatment is very high with patients reporting extreme satisfaction in the outcome.