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Can liposuction be a safe alternative for weight loss, and is it really one of the easy ways to lose weight? The answers to these questions are: yes and yes. Using liposuction for weight loss isn’t only considered a safe alternative, it can also be a smart alternative, especially when diet and exercise fail to rid you of localized fat. Some common areas where these can be seen are the flanks, abdomen, thighs, and even your ankles. Many of these localized fat deposits are based on our genes, and with the assistance of lipo surgery for weight loss Michigan goals, just about anyone can achieve the shape they desire.


  • We use safe tumescent techniques, which cut the risks of surgery dramatically
  • You remain awake during the technique.
  •  The recovery time is limited to just a few days, usually three or four.

About Liposuction

One of the benefits of liposuction is that once fat cells are taken out, these do not grow back or return – with one crucial factor – maintenance. However, that does not necessarily mean this quick weight loss will be permanent.

Patients will need to do the upkeep and avoid weight gain, and this can be accomplished with proven tips like:

Regular Exercise – try to incorporate at least three sessions of exercise each week.

Sleep – may seem inconsequential with regards to weight, but studies show that the amount of sleep you get each night can cause fluctuations in your BMI. And in addition to maintaining weight, you‘ll feel energized and beautiful with more sleep.

Nourish Your Body – rather than taking the approach of counting every little calorie you consume, be sure to strike the right balance when it comes to nourishing your body. There are some great resources for each food group you should incorporate in your diet each and every day, several times per day, which will ultimately give you more energy and help you feel better.

Curb Hunger – many of us fail to lose weight because we’re always feeling famished. How can you resolve this common issue? Many of Michigan’s weight loss doctors recommend spreading small meals throughout the day.

Our experts at the Skin & Vein Center want you to thrive in life. We don’t just leave you hanging. We share plenty of easy ways to lose weight and tips for maintenance and medical weight loss in Michigan.

Check out our blog for regular updates, and if you’re thinking about weight loss liposuction on flanks and other parts of your body, come to one of our offices for a consultation. We recommend calling in advance. Lose weight easily, with SmartLipo!

Obesity and Liposuction

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Have you been told you’re overweight or obese?  Wish there were a better way to get rid of the stubborn fat, especially around your waist or abdomen?

Now you can, with safe, simple and effective liposuction. At the Skin & Vein Center, our weight loss doctors in Michigan aim to revolutionize treatments that are not only safe but work wonders in boosting self-confidence in our clients.

Obesity & Quick Weight Loss Techniques

We know that diet and exercise don’t always do the job to trim the fat, particularly in target zones like the thighs, abs and flanks. While your overall body mass index may decrease with rounds at the gym, these places may never budge – due to genetics. Fortunately, liposuction of abdomen is the quick weight loss option for you!

With SmartLipo, the Michigan weight loss specialists have the opportunity to target specific zones and reduce your size once and for all. Once the fat cells are taken out, these don’t grow back. All you have to do is maintain your ideal weight!

Many of our patients come to us because they’re tired of taking a back seat in life. Image does matter, and many would agree that having a better figure can boost your self-image and confidence.

A Michigan weight loss specialist can introduce you to these procedures for quick weight loss in Michigan, and can help change the way you look, instantly and without many risks.

Quick Weight Loss Treatments for Obesity

Some of the top areas to use lipo for obesity include:

The Tummy Tuck – if you suffer from obesity, then you may be familiar with the bulge around your tummy. This could make it hard for you to shop or even fit into your clothes. Now you can transform this area and get the flat tummy you’ve always dreamed of with SmartLipo.

Flanks and Rolls – suction out rolls on the back or waistline with localized lipo. Dr. Seiger will complete an evaluation to determine the best roadmap for targeting all the spots you feel self-conscious about.

Thighs and Arms – achieve a more slender silhouette by trimming excess fat on the arms and thighs.

The Benefits of Laser Lipo for Obesity

Laser lipo has several add-on benefits compared to using traditional liposuction of abdomen methods alone. These include less downtime, minimal risks of scarring, and virtually no pain, based on the methods used by our experienced surgeons.

Many of our patients can resume their normal routine within a three to four-day window, sometimes, in much less of a time span, depending on the area of chosen weight loss Michigan treatment.

If you’re curious about weight loss in Michigan and would like to tackle your obesity issues head-on, then contact the weight loss doctors in Michigan’s Skin & Vein Center today.

Liposuction Areas

Flanks Liposuction, Abdominal Liposuction, Calf Liposuction, and More!

It’s safe to say that liposuction is safe and effective on virtually all types of body parts. With advances in the procedure, as well as some of the most experienced liposuction doctors on call, liposuction has become nearly a sure thing in the cosmetic surgery world.

Fortunately, at the Skin & Vein Center, we welcome all inquiries for liposuction -abdominal, calf, lower back liposuction, whether you’re a man or woman, new or returning patients, or have concerns about where the technique can be applied.

Let’s explore some of the top trouble spots tackled at our center, and how you too, can benefit from our safe and effective laser lipo services:

  • Abdominal Liposuction – these are two separate localized zones, and all too often we hear that even with diet and exercise, the bulge or muffin top still remains. We can help to trim the fat that may be persistent due to genetics or other factors.
  • Love Handles Liposuction Procedure – you can finally achieve a slimmer waistline with the beauty of liposuction. We incorporate laser technology to break down fat faster, as well as to get more volumes of fat with each procedure performed. Of course, safety is always a priority.
  • Flank-Lower back Liposuction – are you self-conscious to bare your back section? Now you can make a change by getting rid of flanks or flabs that may appear unattractive. The benefit of flank liposuction is that these popular spots can be directly targeted. Back fat lipo is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary fat and ensures that you get a slim and firm back.
  • Inner and Outer Thighs – once again, these are two distinct zones for liposurgeons to work their magic. It is possible to get a slender thigh and even a gap with our help.
  • Cheeks – while many patients want to boost fat volume in the cheeks, others suffer from the extreme: too much fat. This could be due to pregnancy, weight gain, or simply genetics. We can strike the right balance by giving you the look you want to achieve.
  • The Hips – do your hips feel disproportionate with the rest of your body? Do you feel uncomfortable while shopping for two different sizes? We can help you achieve a more feminine silhouette, by sculpting fat with hips liposuction.

Make an Appointment for Your Lower Back Liposuction

We work with you to give you a dream figure, safely, and with the right tools and techniques.

The Skin & Vein Center has an excellent track record for safety and patient satisfaction, with no reports of infections or serious complications. Make an appointment for a consultation today!

Liposuction Preparation

How To Prepare For A Michigan Liposuction Procedure by Michigan’s Skin & Vein Center

If you plan on undergoing a Michigan liposuction procedure through Skin & Vein Center, these tips will give you some things to keep in mind while preparing for liposuction surgery.

Schedule a Pre-Evaluation and Start Preparing for Liposuction

Here, you will sit one-on-one with an expert surgeon who will take a look at your medical history, your goals, as well as what benefits of liposuction to expect, before, during and after the surgery.

At Skin & Vein’s Michigan Liposuction Center, we can help you fit in those jeans – despite your genes. We have an exceptional surgeon and support staff to give you the results you crave.

To schedule a consultation, and change your life once and for all, contact us. We also check your recovery from liposuction through follow-up sessions, allowing you to keep your peace of mind and let you enjoy the benefits of liposuction.

Liposuction Recovery

Tips for Post Liposuction Recovery

What can you expect after liposuction surgery, and particularly after undergoing the technique at the Skin & Vein Center?

We are confident when we tell you that our methods are safe. Best of all, you will see instant results after your liposuction surgery. Here are some additional details regarding what to expect after lipo surgery at our center:

Post Liposuction Recovery

Tumescent techniques are used instead of general anesthesia. This is very important to point out, because it’s considered to be a generally safe way to numb target zones and perform liposuction. In addition, rather than putting patients to sleep, you will remain awake and aware, also being able to shift if the surgeon needs you to.

As a result of this step, there is not a great deal of post liposuction recovery involved. The groggy feelings you would characteristically experience with general anesthesia isn’t the case with tumescent techniques.

Supporting Garments

You can expect to wear specific compression garments like Spanx, which reduce lipo swelling, as well as aid in sculpting. These can usually be used for just one day, but it is recommended for support following two to three weeks after the procedure is performed.

Resuming the Regular Routine

How soon can you get back to business, or your daily life? You can expect to get back to this routine within days after your liposuction surgery, and no more than one week’s downtime. This varies by the area targeted, as well as several other variables.

Follow-Up Instructions for Post Liposuction Surgery

Your surgeon may prescribe pain medicines that help with discomfort in the hours of post liposuction surgery. In addition, specific aftercare instructions will be handed to you, and if you have any questions or concerns, our staff will be happy to answer them.


We recommend not drinking or smoking before and after the technique to expedite recovery after liposuction. This is standard for just about any medical procedure performed.

Contact the Skin and Vein Center for More Information Today!

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If you’re struggling with your image and weight, then our experienced center is a great place to start your journey of transformation – in the right direction. We help you to safely and minimally invasively treat excess fat, even when diet and exercise have failed to work for you. Our practice also has an outstanding rating, with no reports of serious complications in patients. So call today! We’re excited to be a part of your weight loss journey and to cheer for you after your post liposuction recovery!

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How Safe is Liposuction in Michigan?

Liposuction, and the techniques used, have changed drastically since their inception in the marketplace nearly two decades ago. As with all new revolutionary techniques, improvements have been made with the tools and methodologies along the way.

Today, liposuction is approved by the FDA, and its safety rates are impressive, based on client reviews and studies carried out by several credible health boards. While how to lose fat the right way is still highly debated, and while many still ask “Is laser liposuction safe AND effective,” many experts agree that the safety of this technique hinges on a few factors like:

  • The Surgeon’s Experience: At the Skin & Vein Liposuction Center in Michigan, patients can feel confident knowing they’re in good hands with a surgeon that has worked in the field for several years. Dr. Seiger has hands-on experience transforming bodies and lives, and he has a passion for seeing his patients leave the doors of our center – all smiles. Dr. Seiger has also received stellar ratings, but beyond the headlines, our track record speaks for itself.
  • The Techniques Used: In addition to choosing tumescent techniques compared to traditional liposuction where general anesthesia is used, during tumescent techniques you will remain awake during the entire liposuction procedure. We also throw into the mix FDA-approved laser technology, which ultimately helps to break down fat faster. This allows us to work methodologically to suction the fat while toning the area. Patients also experience less downtime as a result.
  • The Tools Used: We use minuscule tools, including microcannulas measuring roughly the size of a ballpoint pen tip to suction the fat. These make the risk of scarring less. The laser tip is also introduced in the same equipment as a reputable hybrid for laser lipo, proving to be more efficient for surgeons, and more convenient for patients.
  • The Volume of Fat Taken Out:We adhere to strict recommendations that no more than 3-4 pounds of fat be taken out in each target zone, per session, for added patient’s safety.

So Is Liposuction Safe?

So you want to know, is liposuction safe? Here at the Skin & Vein Liposuction Center in Michigan, it is very safe. After all, hospitalizations and blood transfusions are never required and we have an excellent track record of safety and success for liposuction techniques, with no patients experiencing severe complications. We take patient care seriously, conducting before and aftercare, to ensure your satisfaction.

To get started with transforming your life, and image, contact us at the Skin & Vein Center, and schedule your liposuction in Michigan procedure today!


What’s The Cost?

This is a big topic, because each patient will have a different budget. The rate is subjective, and it depends on the area you’re treating, as well as which procedure you will choose. This is why the pre-evaluation is a necessary step in the process. Fortunately, there are financing options available in most cases, with CareCredit.

What About Additional Costs?

When undergoing any type of medical procedure, patients may be wary of surcharges like facility fees. At the Skin & Vein Center, our costs are transparent and provided to you during the initial consultation. Our patients can expect no surprises where cost is concerned.

Where Is the Liposurgery Performed?

At the Skin & Vein, Michigan Liposuction Center, no hospitalizations or overnight stays are required. Instead, all procedures are performed here at our center – same day in, same day out.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used, If Any?

We use tumescent techniques, which are considered to be a safer alternative to general anesthesia.

What Other Techniques Are Used?

To speed up the process, lower the risks, and do so without compromising safety, we introduce laser technology, which is a new and improved method for breaking down fat cells much faster. The result is less damage to the surrounding tissue, less discomfort, and a faster recovery from liposuction.

Where Can Liposuction be Performed?

The technique can be applied to just about any body part, and the most popular include the abdomen, the inner and outer thighs, the cheeks, knees, ankles, flanks and waist. We can also explore any trouble spot not mentioned here.

Is Liposuction Safe?

The procedure comes with serious risks and complications, and it’s common to feel pain after the procedure. Make sure you’re a good candidate for liposuction and don’t forget to discuss it with your doctor.