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SmartLipo is the first laser-assisted liposuction approved by the FDA to be used for fat dissolution. Its benefits are so great that it makes traditional liposuction procedures a thing of the past. While there is no such thing as cheap liposuction, SmartLipo is more affordable because it is done in the office, right in our Michigan laser center, and because it tightens skin, it is a great alternative to a tummy tuck.

SmartLipo is a form of cosmetic laser lipo that safely and effectively melts fat while coagulating blood in the blood vessels. The laser produces a burst of energy that enters the fat tissue and liquefies it. If you are looking for immediate, effective liposuction results, with the least amount of downtime, SmartLipo is your choice. This is why we highly recommend it at our Michigan laser center, the Skin and Vein Center, where Smart Lipo in Michigan for arms is also popular.

The health benefits of this breakthrough form of laser lipo Michigan procedure include:

  • Fast Recovery
  • Less Bruising
  • Minimal Swelling
  • Considerably Fewer Side Effects
  • Less Bleeding
  • Little to No Pain
  • NO General Anesthesia
  • IMMEDIATE Results

Other benefits of Smart Lipo in Michigan at the Skin and Vein Center, compared to traditional liposuction surgery, include smoother contouring results and tighter skin in the treatment area. SmartLipo is effective for chin liposuction, liposuction for arms, stomach liposuction, neck liposuction, and breast liposuction. Skin & Vein Center can explain the benefits (and our other great procedures) to you in person at a free consultation. Call us today for more information about SmartLipo in Michigan at 800-400-8346.

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SmartLipo Before and After:

Liposuction Michigan
Smart Lipo
Smart Lipo
*Individual Results May Vary

Smart Lipo FAQ

SmartLipo is an FDA-approved, laser-assisted procedure used for fat dissolution.
Good candidates for Smart Lipo are those looking for a way to get rid of bulges and fatty areas that are not responding to diet and exercise.
A small cannula is inserted into the treatment area through which a laser fiber is inserted. The laser fiber will then direct energy into the area disrupting and loosening the fat cells and fatty tissues. The fat is then gently suctioned away.
A local anesthetic will be used for the SmartLipo procedure.
Prior to your procedure, you should quit smoking, avoid salty or processed foods. You should also not take aspirin, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine or any medications that could complicate the surgery.
You will have very little discomfort during the procedure, although you may feel some minor pressure.
You may experience some minor bruising after the procedure. There may be some achiness that can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain relievers. The bandages over the incisions may need to be changed, and you may also be required to wear compression garments to promote healing.
You should be able to return to your normal schedule within a day or two.
As with any medical procedure, there are possible side effects and risks. The most common are mild discomfort, swelling and bruising. Other risks include scars, blisters, burns, or infection.
The cost of Smart Lipo and liposuction in Michigan will be discussed at the time of the pre-operative visit. Contact us to learn more about the liposuction cost in Michigan!

*Individual Results May Vary