Liposuction Spotlight: Arms Lipo

As we age, things on our body shift and change. Areas that once were high and firm can end up low and mushy, while other areas stretch, wiggle, and jiggle—no matter how hard we work at keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly; it’s a natural and annoying part of the aging process.

All women over a certain age know that one of the most difficult parts to tighten and tone are the infamous “bat wings,” the areas where your triceps used to be! The days when you were able to wear short sleeves or no sleeves at all fade into distant memory as you become hostage to the jiggle and flapping of that band of skin above the elbow and below the shoulder.

Fortunately, this area that is so hard to tame through diet and exercise is actually one of the easiest areas to perform liposuction on, and is also one of the fastest spots to heal!

Arm Liposuction

Having fat permanently removed from your bat wings has never been easier. Performed on an outpatient basis, the doctor will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Once the area is completely numb, a solution that is a mixture of anesthetic, epinephrine, and saline will be injected into the arm to help plump it up, which then makes it easier to suction out the fat. The procedure is minimally invasive, relatively painless, and involves little bruising or blood loss.


The recovery period for arm liposuction is a relatively quick; most patients can return to work within a couple of days at the longest! It will be recommended for the patient to wear compression garments on the arm for a while. The garments aid in a quicker recovery, while also helping to contour the arms. Pain is minimal and can generally be treated with nothing stronger than an over the counter pain reliever. Normal life activities can be resumed almost immediately.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

Unfortunately, arm liposuction is considered a cosmetic surgical procedure, and as such, most insurance companies will not cover the costs involved with the procedure. But when our patients see the final results, most agree that their toned and firm arms are worth far more than they paid!

The Skin & Vein Center

Schedule your consultation with the Skin & Vein Center today and discover the freedom of waving goodbye without worrying about annoying skin jiggles embarrassing you. Your new toned and firm arms will have all your friends turning green with envy!

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