Post-Pregnancy Vein Removal and Liposuction

Pregnancy really does a number on most women’s bodies with side effects running the gamut from stretch marks to swollen ankles, distressed veins to extra baby weight, skin discoloration to aching backs. After the baby is born, a woman generally has to make a serious effort to try to regain her former pre-baby form.

It can be discouraging for many woman to try to undo the many changes that her body has undergone during the nine months of growing a child and giving birth. Thankfully there is help so that women don’t have to take on this process on their own. Many modern cosmetic procedures are available to help restore a woman’s body to its pre-baby days.

One of the biggest complaints that women have after giving birth is the excess baby weight that doesn’t seem to budge even months or years after the baby is born. As thousands of women can attest, even if the numbers on the scale match what they once were before pregnancy, the form of the body has changed with extra fat stubbornly holding on to various spots of the body. Even ample exercise and conscious eating don’t guarantee that this fat will disappear. Liposuction can be a very beneficial for women who are struggling with this extra fat after baby. Modern methods are minimally invasive and allow for targeted dissolution of fat in half the time as traditional methods without requiring days of downtime to heal (which is especially important for new moms who don’t have the luxury of taking days off to heal from a procedure when a young child needs their attention).

Damaged veins are another common side effect of pregnancy as extra weight adds pressure to the veins in the legs of pregnant women. These spider veins or varicose veins cause discomfort as legs feel heavy, tingling and restless and women who have developed these broken veins often feel self-conscious of their legs due to the appearance of blue, bulging veins. Vein specialists can treat these damaged veins and restore the legs to a smooth, youthful appearance. Broken veins can be easily removed or closed through virtually painless treatments that zone in on the affected veins without damaging nearby veins and skin. Results are almost immediate and long lasting, helping patients feel like their old selves again.

Contact the Skin and Vein Center to see how we can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body and feel confident in your skin again.

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