Winter is the Time for Your Liposuction in Michigan Procedure

liposuction in Michigan

Electing to undergo a liposuction procedure is a big decision. You have probably tried tirelessly to achieve the body you want through exercise and dieting, but the results you were looking for have eluded you. Liposuction procedures have improved tremendously over the years, and it is now a safe and […]

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5 Reasons to Choose Laser Liposuction Michigan

woman measuring her waistline with a measuring tape after laser liposuction michigan

When choosing the best liposuction procedure for fat reduction potential, patients have many options to choose from. Laser liposuction is one of the best procedures to consider with its recently developed technology. This procedure is perfect for anyone looking to shed some pounds when exercise and dieting have not shown […]

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Fat Embolisms: What are They and What are the Dangers?

Many dangers of our body’s veins and blood arteries exist after we incur trauma to the body. One such danger is fat embolisms. For the unaware, an embolus is anything that can travel through our veins and arteries with the potential to create a blockage. Fat embolisms are such entities […]

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Is Liposuction the Answer for Post-Pregnancy Fat?

new mom and dad lay beside their newborn baby boy

While the miracle of childbirth is an extraordinary event that should be celebrated, we all know that it puts a woman’s body through an incredible gauntlet. Even after birth, women can feel the effects of pregnancy for years to come. These effects manifest themselves in stretch marks, loose skin, and […]

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All Your Questions Answered Before a Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is an easy option when you are considering fat removal, but many patients worry before the procedure. In an attempt to help easy your worry, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about liposuction procedures. Is it Normal to Be Anxious Before the Procedure? Yes, almost everyone […]

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What Makes Smart Liposuction a Smart Choice

Smart Lipo has become one of the newest and best choices when it comes to removing fat safely from your body. At Skin and Vein Center, we have become the premier choice for the newest and state of the art procedures that will help you achieve the body that you […]

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