Getting Ready for Spring: Three Cosmetic Procedures to Get That Pool Body Back!

Where we live, it is sometimes difficult to tell when spring has arrived. The warm and sunny morning morphs into a cold and sleeting afternoon, which in turn, changes to a cool autumn briskness by nightfall. In any case, the calendar tells us that spring is here, which means one thing: swimsuit season is just a few short weeks away!

If you are anything like us, it’s very probable that you enjoyed hearty winter meals—stews, lasagnas, creamy soups—and of course cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats that help take your mind off the gloomy cold. You may have been a bit lax about keeping up with your exercise routine; a sweaty body feels even colder in the Michigan winter. So now that spring is here and your bikini body looks as if it should be called a sweatshirt body, never fear; we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you step confidently into even the skimpiest of swimwear!

Smart Lipo

Even though it may seem a Michigan winter lasts forever, by the calendar it still lasts only three months, and there’s not a lot of damage you can do to your body in that short time. SmartLipo is a laser assisted liposuction procedure that helps tighten the loose skin as it removes the fat and is perfect for sculpting away muffin tops, saddle bags, or any other small areas of stubborn fat that can’t be hidden in your favorite bikini.

Varicose Vein Treatment In Michigan

While varicose veins don’t have anything to do with winter’s excesses, they can be unsightly and make you reluctant to expose your legs to the world. Our laser varicose vein treatments in Michigan are safe, and performed on an outpatient basis, so recovery time is short. By summer, you should be at 100 percent and your legs will look incredible!

Laser Tattoo Removal

That winter break-up with the former man of your dreams can be slightly embarrassing when you realize that you still have his name tattooed on your shoulder! Tattoos are supposedly permanent, but with advances in laser technology, this is no longer the case! Requiring a series of treatments, if you start now, that shoulder will be proof that you are completely over the biggest mistake of your life by summer!

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