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SmartLipo® is an alternative to traditional liposuction methods, in which a laser and a local anesthetic is used instead of a general anesthetic. This method of liposuction allows for a much faster recovery than what traditional liposuction requires because the patient is exposed to less trauma in the process.  At the Skin and Vein Center, Dr. Seiger has performed many SmartLipo® procedures, giving patients excellent results and peace of mind.

Is SmartLipo® Right For You?

Ideal patients for SmartLipo® are those who are in good health, within 25 pounds of their ideal weight, eat right and exercise regularly but want to get rid of extra fat that stubbornly won’t seem to respond to diet and exercise. Those who suffer from heart problems, kidney problems or any kind of blood disorder or disease are not recommended to seek SmartLipo®.

Some risks associated with SmartLipo® include the possibility of bruising and swelling and a small possibility of burns associated with the heat from the laser. Some scarring may occur though it would be minor in appearance.

The SmartLipo® Procedure

The SmartLipo® process is simple enough. To begin with, the surgeon will mark the problem areas before injecting the local anesthetic mixed with a tumescent fluid to numb the area and control the bleeding.

In traditional liposuction methods, the surgeon manually breaks up the fat deposits, but with SmartLipo®, the laser turns the fat into a liquid first making the removal process much gentler on the patient. With a local anesthetic, the patient is able to remain awake during the process while experiencing minimal discomfort.

SmartLipo® Results

Liposuction before and after the results showcase patients who have benefitted from the procedure on various parts of their bodies including the abdomen, back, bra line, hips, thighs, knees, arms, neck and anywhere else where traditional liposuction is used.  In most cases, patients only require one treatment to see full results. Patients can have several areas treated by SmartLipo® at once.

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*Individual Results May Vary