5 Reasons to Choose Laser Liposuction Michigan

When choosing the best liposuction procedure for fat reduction potential, patients have many options to choose from. Laser liposuction is one of the best procedures to consider with its recently developed technology. This procedure is perfect for anyone looking to shed some pounds when exercise and dieting have not shown the wanted results. Laser liposuction varies from traditional liposuction by melting body fat using fiber-optic lasers on the body. Consider these top five reasons for getting laser liposuction Michigan to reduce your body fat.

More Fat to Remove in One Procedure of Laser Liposuction Michigan

Laser liposuction is able to remove larger amounts of fat during a single procedure due blood vessels drying up from the laser. Traditional liposuction procedures can have a greater risk for blood loss, so only smaller amounts of fat can be removed. With laser liposuction you can have more done in a single procedure, though there’s still a limit for your safety.

See Those Results in Days

Laser liposuction Michigan shows quicker results than traditional liposuction, with results viewed in as little as a week. Traditional liposuction results may not be noticeable until two to four weeks after the procedure. These quicker results are the after-effect of the collagen producing nature of the procedure.

Tighter Skin

A different wavelength is used for the laser during the procedure to create a collagen-producing effect on the area. This causes the body to think there is an ‘artificial burn’ on the skin and create more collagen. The results will leave your skin looking tighter without the unwanted side effects of traditional liposuction!

Get Rid of Sagging Skin

Laser liposuction is able to avoid one of the biggest drawbacks to traditional liposuction procedures: sagging skin. Sagging skin is the result when large amounts of fat are removed from the body using suction. Laser liposuction melts the fat, allowing the body to tighten the skin and avoid any skin sagging. Medical studies have even shown that the results of skin tightening are even greater that initially expected.

Fewer Traumas to the Body

Fat reduction can be a traumatic experience for your body, especially using traditional procedures. Laser liposuction Michigan is less traumatic on the body, allowing the body to heal quicker, show faster results, and get your back to your everyday activities within three to five days. Contact Skin & Vein today to see if you’re a candidate for laser liposuction!

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