Can Liposuction help with Obesity? | Skin & Vein Weight Loss Doctors in Michigan
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Have you been told you’re overweight or obese?  Wish there were a better way to get rid of the stubborn fat, especially around your waist or abdomen?

Now you can, with safe, simple and effective liposuction. At the Skin & Vein Center, our weight loss doctors in Michigan aim to revolutionize treatments that are not only safe but work wonders in boosting self-confidence in our clients.

Obesity & Quick Weight Loss Techniques

We know that diet and exercise don’t always do the job to trim the fat, particularly in target zones like the thighs, abs and flanks. While your overall body mass index may decrease with rounds at the gym, these places may never budge – due to genetics. Fortunately, liposuction of abdomen is the quick weight loss option for you!

With SmartLipo, the Michigan weight loss specialists have the opportunity to target specific zones and reduce your size once and for all. Once the fat cells are taken out, these don’t grow back. All you have to do is maintain your ideal weight!

Many of our patients come to us because they’re tired of taking a back seat in life. Image does matter, and many would agree that having a better figure can boost your self-image and confidence.

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A Michigan weight loss specialist can introduce you to these procedures for quick weight loss in Michigan, and can help change the way you look, instantly and without many risks.

Quick Weight Loss Treatments for Obesity

Some of the top areas to use lipo for obesity include:

• The Tummy Tuck – if you suffer from obesity, then you may be familiar with the bulge around your tummy. This could make it hard for you to shop or even fit into your clothes. Now you can transform this area and get the flat tummy you’ve always dreamed of with SmartLipo.

• Flanks and Rolls – suction out rolls on the back or waistline with localized lipo. Dr. Seiger will complete an evaluation to determine the best roadmap for targeting all the spots you feel self-conscious about.

• Thighs and Arms – achieve a more slender silhouette by trimming excess fat on the arms and thighs.

The Benefits of Laser Lipo for Obesity

Laser lipo has several add-on benefits compared to using traditional liposuction of abdomen methods alone. These include less downtime, minimal risks of scarring, and virtually no pain, based on the methods used by our experienced surgeons.

Many of our patients can resume their normal routine within a three to four-day window, sometimes, in much less of a time span, depending on the area of chosen weight loss Michigan treatment.

If you’re curious about weight loss in Michigan and would like to tackle your obesity issues head-on, then call the weight loss doctors in Michigan’s Skin & Vein Center today.

*Individual Results May Vary