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Can liposuction be a safe alternative for weight loss, and is it really one of the easy ways to lose weight? The answers to these questions are: yes and yes. Using liposuction for weight loss isn’t only considered a safe alternative, it can also be a smart alternative, especially when diet and exercise fail to rid you of localized fat. Some common areas where these can be seen are the flanks, abdomen, thighs, and even your ankles. Many of these localized fat deposits are based on our genes, and with the assistance of lipo surgery for weight loss Michigan goals, just about anyone can achieve the shape they desire.

Weight Loss Michigan


 We use safe tumescent techniques, which cut the risks of surgery dramatically.

 You remain awake during the technique.

• The recovery time is limited to just a few days, usually three or four.

After A Medical Weight Loss in Michigan’s Skin & Vein Center

One of the benefits of liposuction is that once fat cells are taken out, these do not grow back or return – with one crucial factor – maintenance. However, that does not necessarily mean this quick weight loss will be permanent.

Patients will need to do the upkeep and avoid weight gain, and this can be accomplished with proven tips like:

Regular Exercise – try to incorporate at least three sessions of exercise each week.

Sleep – may seem inconsequential with regards to weight, but studies show that the amount of sleep you get each night can cause fluctuations in your BMI. And in addition to maintaining weight, you‘ll feel energized and beautiful with more sleep.

Nourish Your Body – rather than taking the approach of counting every little calorie you consume, be sure to strike the right balance when it comes to nourishing your body. There are some great resources for each food group you should incorporate in your diet each and every day, several times per day, which will ultimately give you more energy and help you feel better.

Curb Hunger – many of us fail to lose weight because we’re always feeling famished. How can you resolve this common issue? Many of Michigan’s weight loss doctors recommend spreading small meals throughout the day.

Choose Skin & Vein For Your Weight Loss Michigan Procedure

Our experts at the Skin & Vein Center want you to thrive in life. We don’t just leave you hanging. We share plenty of easy ways to lose weight and tips for maintenance and medical weight loss in Michigan.

Check out our blog for regular updates, and if you’re thinking about weight loss liposuction on flanks and other parts of your body, come to one of our offices for a consultation. We recommend calling in advance. Lose weight easily, with SmartLipo!

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