Fat Transfers Over Implants

Slim waist of athletic woman
For patients looking to add volume, a better shape, or more firmness to their bottoms, they are increasingly attracted to the benefits of fat transfer methods over traditional implants. Implants have long been the standard for women seeking shapelier breasts or buttocks, but as the benefits of fat transfer procedures have become more apparent, the number of fat transfer patients has steadily risen. Take a look at some of the many benefits that fat transfers have over implants.

Faster Healing Times

With butt implants, patients are required to go under the knife and under general anesthesia as the implants are inserted beneath the skin and muscles. This invasive surgery often requires lengthy healing periods paired with strong pain medications. With fat transfers, a small cannula is inserted through a little incision where the body’s own fat is transferred and shaped without the overly invasive method. This means faster healing time and less risk involved.

No Foreign Objects

Butt implants are just that: implants. They are not natural to the body and as such, the body is at risk of reacting in a less than favorable way. Whenever a foreign object is introduced into the body, there’s a risk that the body will reject the object, in this case the implant, causing health problems for the patient. With fat transfer methods, the fat comes from the patient, so nothing foreign is implanted into the body.

Natural Appearance

Fat transfer procedures are often praised for the natural results that they offer. Instead of the often obvious implant appearance, fat transfers look natural because they are. The body’s own fat is simply transferred from one area of the body to another to add volume and enhance shape.

Natural Feel

Those who have implants know that to the touch, the implant is often felt. This means that breasts have a firmer, less natural feel, whereas breasts that have been enhanced through fat transfers just feel like natural, supple breasts.

Contouring Benefits

Fat transfer patients enjoy the removal of fat from one area of the body as it is transferred to a more desirable area. So not only are they enjoying fullness and volume in one part of the body, they’re also able to rid themselves of unwanted fat in another area where it’s taken carefully for use in enhancing the butt.

These are just a few benefits to fat transfers over implants. If you have more questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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