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Why You Should Get Liposuction Instead Of A Non-Surgical Alternative

When comparing liposuction to nonsurgical alternatives to weight loss, are we comparing apples to oranges? Experts in the health field will tell you to weigh the pros and cons of each before


The Hour Lift is Increasing in Popularity

  You eat right, get exercise and generally take the best possible care of yourself. You feel young and vibrant; however, you want your face to reflect that youthful feeling. You may

Cosmetic Procedures

Smartlipo procedure at The Skin and Vein Center

The Skin and Vein Center is proud to offer Smartlipo procedures to individuals who want to trim the fat in stubborn areas – but also have a hard time doing so with


Enjoying the Benefits of Lip Enhancements

Aging is such a common culprit to the breakdown of many areas of the face and body causing sagging skin, deeper lines and wrinkles, slowed metabolism and a loss of volume in

Cosmetic Procedures


LipoStructure is a process in which fat from one area of the body is removed and used to create new structural changes to other areas of the body that are suffering from


Neck Lift Using Liposuction

Can liposuction be used to get rid of the so-called “turkey neck”? New cosmetic neck lifts that combine liposuction can certainly transform the neckline, and help restore a youthful and beautiful look

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