Neck Lift Using Liposuction

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Can liposuction be used to get rid of the so-called “turkey neck”?

New cosmetic neck lifts that combine liposuction can certainly transform the neckline, and help restore a youthful and beautiful look in men and women.

Consider the following:
Sagging and loose skin don’t necessarily respond to exercise, dieting, or over the counter creams. But the neck lift procedure can visibly transform your look.

What’s A Neck Lift Procedure?

If you’d like find the middle ground between effective methods, and those that don’t involve painful and dangerous surgeries, minimally invasive neck lifts are the answer.

How Are Neck Lifts Done?

The technique transpires by first numbing the area, following which a small and barely visible incision is made by the ear. The skin is then re-draped over the face, and if extra fat is present, this is suctioned before completing.

After the technique, patients will wear a cold compression garment to help with healing. The sutures from surgery will usually be removed within a week.

Most patients report looking approximately ten years younger afterward.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Neck lifts when done right, are regarded as:

  • ~Quick – most procedures take one hour to 90 minutes.
  • ~Low Downtime – one of the predominant benefits is that you can get back to living, with a better-looking appearance, within days of the neck lift. The traditional recovery times for a mini facelift is three days, as opposed to fourteen days for a surgical facelift.
  • ~Effortless – there’s little effort required on your part. Simply make the consultation with a doctor, and your dermatologist will take care of the rest – managing the history, risks, and details of the technique, before giving the go-ahead.
  • ~No Scars – no one has to know you underwent a neck lift, unless you brag about it.
  • ~Better Definition – patients who undergo a successful neck lift also notice a well-defined jawline, and a more attractive facial profile.
  • ~Look Slender – neck lifts involving liposuction remove excess fat permanently, and furthermore create a slender profile that you will love. This isn’t only beneficial to seniors; it can be a welcome lift for patients who have gained weight after pregnancy or other life changes too.

Make the first impression the best, by showing up in a positive, confident and unforgettable new light. A neck lift, has the power to transform patients and perceptions – for the better.

Past clients revealed that a younger, more refreshed appearance has aided them in their professional life, and other areas, including relationships and general self-confidence.


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