If you suffer from turkey neck, loose neck skin or a sagging neck, why not consider the benefits of a neck lift at Skin & Vein Center? Excess neck skin can add the illusion of years and pounds onto your age and weight. Due to the location of neck skin on the body, loose neck skin is particularly hard to tighten naturally. If you are wondering how to tighten your neck skin with quick and effortless results, then our neck lifts – with or without liposuction – is the answer you are looking for!

About our Neck Lift in Michigan Procedure

Cosmetic chin and neck lifts are great ways to achieve younger and tighter looking skin. Age with beauty and stop worrying about your neck and jowls, click here for more information on the amazing results. For more information on the cost of a natural neck lift procedure, and to set up a consultation, please call Skin & Vein Center at 800-400-8346.

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Michigan neck lift procedure results

necklift Michigan results

*Individual Results May Vary


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*Individual Results May Vary