Lipostructure- Skin & Vein Center, MI

LipoStructure is a process in which fat from one area of the body is removed and used to create new structural changes to other areas of the body that are suffering from a lack of substance or shape.

The LipoStructure process is often referred to as “fat transfer” or “fat grafting” and can help fill in dents, lines, or other irregularities which help to shape the face or other areas that a patient might be insecure about.

Sometimes a lack of strong shape and symmetry is simply the natural result of aging which causes areas of the neck, face, or body to have less structure and definition. Other times, an imbalance in structure or symmetry is the result of a birth defect or accident. Either way, LipoStructure can do a lot to help even out these irregularities while creating a smoother, plumper and more balanced shape to your face and body.

The LipoStructure procedure itself is conducted on an outpatient basis with the help of local tumescent anesthesia. First of all, the trained doctor will carefully harvest the patient’s own fat from common areas where fat deposits are most plentiful such as the thighs, abdomen or flanks. After the fat has been removed through very small cannulas, it’s purified and then gently injected into the sunken areas to create more volume and symmetry.

Usually, this LipoStructure procedure takes under an hour and since its minimally invasive there is almost no downtime required post-treatment. Most LipoStructure patients are able to return to work and their normal day-to-day activities within a day or two. Some patients’ treatment sessions might take longer than an hour depending on how many areas of their body require treatment and how complicated the patient’s situation is prior to treatments. Some patients might have more complicated facial structure needs that will take a little longer to remedy.

If you’re interested in how LipoStructure can benefit you, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation with your doctor to evaluate your situation and discuss your expected results. You can also ask about LipoStructure costs with your doctor at this time.

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