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Miradry vs Botox

Have you ever been at an important business meeting presenting to dozens of people who you do not know, only for your underarm sweat to kick into high gear? Try as you


The Weather is Heating Up! Why Not Get MiraDry?

Summer is just around the corner and we will start to see some pretty warm temperatures. In some parts of the country, we are already seeing high temps that are causing an

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Have Sweaty Armpit Problems? You’re Not Alone

Sweaty armpits are not uncommon, and neither are the frustrations associated with such. Our armpits produce sweat in an effort to help keep the body cool and control temperature. Our body actually


Our “No Sweat” Special with MiraDry

Many people tend to really look forward to the warm summer months and all that comes with it. Summer is usually the season of family vacations, outdoor parties, swimming pools, recreational activities,

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Is Removing Sweat Glands with MiraDry Safe?

Excessive sweating of the underarms is a problem that millions of people of all ages struggle with. Those with overactive sweat glands under their arms often feel less than confident in social

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Miradry- The Summer Sweating Solution

Summer is a much anticipated season for many people who look forward to all it has to offer each year. After all, what’s not to love about the long, lazy days at

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