Is Removing Sweat Glands with MiraDry Safe?

Excessive sweating of the underarms is a problem that millions of people of all ages struggle with. Those with overactive sweat glands under their arms often feel less than confident in social situations, as pools of sweat gather on blouses and t-shirts in both cooler and hot weather. Feeling restricted in the type of clothing options they can wear, sufferers of overactive sweat glands are turning to a permanent solution with MiraDry to end their underarm sweat for good. Even those who don’t have excessive sweat problems consider MiraDry to cease the nuisance of underarm sweat.

Reasons for Sweating

Our bodies naturally produce sweat to help keep us cool when we begin to get overheated. Underarm sweat in particular is produced through two different types of sweat glands which are located just underneath the skin’s surface. These glands are known as the eccrine glands and the apocrine glands. The eccrine glands secrete an odorless, clear fluid that cools the body, and the apocrine glands produce an odor and a thicker fluid.

Some people sweat more than others because they have overactive sweat glands, which work to cool the body even when they should be resting. Many people have sweat glands that produce up to 4 to 5 times the amount of sweat as normal glands.

Benefits of MiraDry

If you are embarrassed by your underarm sweat, if it interferes with your daily activities, if you are constantly applying antiperspirant or worrying that someone is going to notice your sweat stains, or if you are changing your clothes more than once a day on a regular basis due to under arm sweat, you may benefit from MiraDry.

Prior to the procedure, your physician will determine the best treatment for you and locate your sweat glands. During the procedure, your sweat glands will be numbed for your comfort. The MiraDry hand piece tool delivers a very precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands which eliminates them for good.

Some patients wonder if the removal of sweat glands is safe and how the body will manage without them. MiraDry has been performed on hundreds of thousands of patients with a very high success rate. It’s important to keep in mind that your entire body is composed of around 2 million sweat glands, so the removal of a couple of these will not cause any problem and can do a lot to alleviate excessive sweating, embarrassment, and hassle.

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