Miradry vs Botox

Have you ever been at an important business meeting presenting to dozens of people who you do not know, only for your underarm sweat to kick into high gear? Try as you might with clinical grade antiperspirants, severe underarm sweating, also known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis, affects millions of people each year and can be difficult to treat. Luckily for you two FDA approved treatment options are currently on the market and available at the Skin & Vein Center: Miradry and Botox. Here are how these two treatments, Miradry vs Botox, are different and which one could be best for you:

Miradry and How It Works

Miradry does not have the easily recognizable name like Botox, but it is an ideal treatment for severe underarm sweat. Miradry procedures use a handheld device that emits microwave energy that, when directed at your underarms, can disable the sweat glands. Technicians will mark your armpit before topical anesthetic is applied to ensure patient safety. While the treatment is virtually painless, patients may experience some discomfort during the one-hour procedure.

Botox and How It Works

You have probably heard of Botox being used for facial injections to help fight wrinkles. Botox works the same way for underarm treatments by blocking signals in your nerves from activating your sweat glands, preventing sweat production. Most Botox treatments require around 10-15 injections for each armpit. Similar to Miradry, procedures typically take around an hour to complete and typically require topical anesthetic.

Miradry Vs Botox: How They Stack Up

While both treatments sound similar, only Miradry disables your armpit’s sweat glands. Patients typically see a sweat reduction of approximately 82% and with immediate results. Additional benefits include reduced odor and reduced armpit hair, and most patients only require one or two treatments over their lifetime. Most Botox results see a reduced amount of sweat for up to 6 months, but Botox cannot completely get rid of sweat production; also, follow-up treatments are required every few months to maintain these results. The research shows that for an effective reduction in your underarm sweat, Miradry is the way to go for long lasting and immediate results.

Choosing the Skin & Vein Center

Now is the time to reduce your underarm sweat with our Miradry and Botox procedures found at the Skin & Vein Center. You will find professional service that is second-to-none in a relaxing atmosphere. Give us a call today and see if our underarm sweat reduction treatments are right for you.

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