Miradry- The Summer Sweating Solution

Man sweating very badly under armpit

Summer is a much anticipated season for many people who look forward to all it has to offer each year. After all, what’s not to love about the long, lazy days at the swimming pool, the late night summer BBQ’s, the many outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking, the breezy summer clothes, and the excessive sweaty underarms?

Alright so the hot, sweaty underarms are actually one of the worst parts of summer and yet thousands of people have to find a way to try to conceal the sweat that ruins blouses and t-shirts and causes embarrassment and discomfort whenever the temperature rises. Of course there are plenty of anti-perspirants on the market, some clinical strength, which promise less sweating, but they aren’t always as effective as hoped.

A new, lasting solution called, “Miradry” has been recently introduced to those suffering from extreme sweating of the underarms and offers a completely non-invasive, FDA cleared and long-lasting alternative option for those wanting to really address their sweating frustrations.

The Miradry treatment actually gets rid of sweat glands underneath the arms instead of merely disabling them temporarily which means the glands don’t grow back and the results are significant. Using a modern microwave energy technology to target the sweat glands beneath the top layers of the skin, the glands are eliminated through heat, permanently suppressing the areas ability to over produce sweat.

Miradry is specifically intended for the treatment of underarm sweating and hasn’t been made for the treatment of sweating of the hands or feet. The treatment should take place in a physician’s office in which the doctor or staff member who will be administering the Miradry procedure has been well trained in doing so.

Most patients should see a significant improvement in their underarm sweating after one treatment while other patients who suffer from extremely excessive sweating may need to seek a second treatment between a couple months each to see optimal results. The patient satisfaction for those who have undergone a Miradry treatment is quite high with the majority of patients feeling very glad that they sought out the solution to their overactive under arm sweating.

If you’re interested in how Miradry treatments can improve your life and save you the summer embarrassment, contact the Skin & Vein Center for an appointment to discuss your underarm sweating and what you can expect with the Miradry solution. Then move forward enjoying the summer like you never have before!

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