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Cosmetic Procedures

Microdermabrasion for Beautiful Skin

The skin you’re in is the largest organ that belongs to your body. It also plays a vital role in your overall well-being. Your skin is responsible for protecting you from the

Cosmetic Procedures

Boost Your Smile with Pretty Lips

Looking and feeling your best can often come down to the details. Everyone has a specific idea of what beauty entails and sometimes, individual features are the focus of feeling confident and

Cosmetic Procedures

Treating Moles and Other Skin Growths

The human body is an incredible thing and taking care of it is a top priority when it comes to living a healthy and long life. For all of the amazing things

Cosmetic Procedures

Reduce Signs of Aging with a Neck Lift Procedure

It’s just an unavoidable fact of life that time takes its toll on our bodies, and more specifically, on our skin. The natural aging process involves changes that can leave us feeling

Cosmetic Procedures

All About Pretty Lips

The concept of beauty is a highly personal topic, and for some, it comes down to having a fuller set of lips as the key to helping them feel confident and comfortable

Cosmetic Procedures

Lip Treatments for a Full and Radiant Look

The concept of physical beauty is a constantly shifting standard that’s incredibly specific to individual preferences. It’s a common desire amongst men and women alike to want to make adjustments or alterations


Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peel

When it comes to removing dead skin cells to help exfoliate your skin, our patients have a variety of options to choose from. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are two of the most

Cosmetic Procedures

Kybella Treatment and How Does It Work

You may not be overweight but have still developed a “double chin” at some point. Having fat tissue form below your chin is a common, yet embarrassing development and can impact the

Cosmetic Procedures

Everything You Need to Know About Volbella Lip Enhancement Michigan

Have you always been self-conscious about your lips, believing they are too small or could use some enhancement? If so, Volbella lip injections might be the perfect solution for you. Volbella is

Acne Treatment

What is Michigan Microdermabrasion?

Your face takes all kinds of damage every day; whether it’s from outside elements, pollution, or just age itself, damage will be done. Numerous skin care treatments exist to treat a variety

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