Boost Your Smile with Pretty Lips

Looking and feeling your best can often come down to the details. Everyone has a specific idea of what beauty entails and sometimes, individual features are the focus of feeling confident and self-assured. At the Skin & Vein Center, our team frequently works with patients who are interested in lip enhancement treatments for exactly this reason. Lip enhancement is often sought out to put volume back into a patient’s pout and simultaneously create for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. At the Skin & Vein Center, we happily provide the options they’re searching for with our FDA-approved lip fillers. Pretty lips are easier to attain than you might have imagined!

The Benefits of Pretty Lips with Fillers

There are many reasons why boosting your smile with fillers can be a positive cosmetic change to make. Lip enhancements of this type can easily give those born with naturally thin lips a more voluminous and even sensual appearance. Fillers can also be a simple solution for those individuals who have one lip that’s noticeably thinner than another. Evening out the lips can provide for a more balanced and symmetrical aesthetic overall. In many cases, fillers that even out lips give the patients we work with a newfound confidence to smile even more often!

Lip fillers are also a fantastic way to reverse some of those natural, yet often frustrating signs of aging that can sneak up on us. Over time, the human body naturally reduces its collagen and elastin production. This can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that tend to congregate around the nose and mouth. While these changes are expected, they have a way of making many people feel they look less youthful than they feel. That’s where dermal fillers for lips can be a useful addition. Fillers add volume back to lips where it’s been lost with time. As lips plump, a more youthful appearance follows in its wake.

Far too often, the lips are a single facial feature that cause individuals a sense of self-conscience concern. This is not a feeling that simply needs to be accepted or lived with when fillers offer up such a quick and effective solution! Obtaining pretty lips with fillers is a body-positive step in regaining that sense of self and confidence that everyone deserves to enjoy. Fillers provide more robust volume to lips than marketed balms or creams. They’re longer lasting too, giving the individual time to enjoy their new look that makes them feel more like themselves than ever before.

Choosing Pretty Lips with Fillers at the Skin & Vein Center

Boosting your smile with Pretty Lips at the Skin & Vein Center is easy to do thanks to our many options and experience in performing this procedure. In our clinic, we utilize both Juvederm Ultra Plus and Revanesse Versa which are FDA-approved fillers that provide successful and painless results! Before placing fillers, we always take time to evaluate the dimensions of the patient’s face to make sure the results we provide are aligned with aesthetic goals. We always strive for natural-looking results but are open to adding a little extra volume for those who are looking for a more dramatic appearance to present to the world.

While the vast majority of patients looking to benefit from Pretty Lips come into the clinic for fillers to be placed in both the upper and lower lip, a customized approach is always an option. We can easily accommodate requests for fillers to be placed in just one lip—a choice that is most popular amongst patients looking to balance out their natural look.

Before lip injections, we simply ask patients to stop taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications at least 24-48 hours before the procedure. This helps reduce the risk of bleeding or bruising.

What to Expect From Lip Fillers

Getting lip fillers placed is often described as a simple and pain-free process. At most, patients report some minimal bruising or discomfort that can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication as needed. The comfortable process is in large part thanks to our strong topical anesthetic used to minimize pain during the process.

One of the reasons Pretty Lips are so popular is the quick results and long-lasting effects. Many patients who have fillers injected see some immediate change with increasingly visible results over the following two weeks. Typically lip fillers last anywhere from six months to a year before a patient would need new injections. The body naturally dissolves filler and the timeline for new placement can vary depending on every patient’s absorption rate. If at any time a patient is unhappy with their fillers, we can use an antidote known as Hyaluronidase to reverse the effects and provoke quick absorption. While it takes about 24 hours to work, patients will see their lips return to normal with ease.

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If you’re interested in learning more about lip fillers or other lip augmentation options, the team at the Skin & Vein Center is here to help. Reach out today to schedule your consultation!

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