Reduce Signs of Aging with a Neck Lift Procedure

It’s just an unavoidable fact of life that time takes its toll on our bodies, and more specifically, on our skin. The natural aging process involves changes that can leave us feeling less than youthful through no fault of our own. For many people, a well-defined neck and jawline is key to feeling young, attractive, and confident out in the world each day. When you look in the mirror and feel that changes in these particular areas are unsatisfying, a neck lift procedure might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

In general, a neck lift tends to be a good option for those who are looking to reduce signs of aging using minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Neck lifts prove minimally risky and come with potentially fantastic results that counter some of the effects of time on our bodies.

The Potential Origins of Loose Skin Around the Jawline and Neck

Experiencing loose skin around the neck, jawline, and even along the chin isn’t an uncommon scenario. As the human body makes its way through the natural process, there’s a natural and anticipated decline in both collagen and elastin levels that keep skin tight and defined in our youth. While the process may be normal, the results aren’t necessarily something anyone has to simply settle for. This type of physical change can leave people feeling uncomfortable with their appearance, especially when the only area of the face being affected is the neck and jawline.

Professionals also point to genetic predisposition as a potential cause behind the development of severely loose skin around the jawline and along the neck. Other factors that may enhance this condition include heightened stress or external factors that are detrimental to the body’s ability to produce high levels of elastin or collagen over time.

How a Neck Lift Procedure Can Help You Regain Youthful Appearance

The ultimate goal of a neck lift is to redefine a patient’s jawline, neck, and the area around the chin for a more youthful appearance. Those experiencing excessive sagging of the skin will find that a neck lift can eliminate the prominent appearance of jowls as well as skin under the chin that’s often referred to as a turkey neck. Both are symptoms that are nearly impossible to correct on their own. A neck lift provides a minimally invasive route to redefining a patient’s face to fit their preferred aesthetic.

Procedural Options for Prospective Patients

The world of cosmetic enhancement has made impressive strides in the past decade thanks to enhanced technologies and improved practices made available to physicians across the country. These days, those individuals interested in the age-defying benefits of a neck lift will find that they have more options to pick and choose from which works to further enhances their patient experience!

Some patients will find that a traditional neck lift works best for them. In many cases, this is the right choice when an individual is experiencing severely sagging skin around the neck and jawline. To correct this condition, a neck lift allows for more tightening of the skin rather than the simple removal of excess fat deposits.

During a traditional neck lift, a cosmetic physician uses small, precise incisions to carefully remove a significant amount of excess skin around the jawline and neck. Once the incisions have been completed and the skin has been removed, the skin that’s left can be pulled tightly back into place, resulting in a clean, defined, and youthful appearance.

Those individuals with less severe cases of sagging and loose skin in this area of the face may opt for neck and chin liposuction over a traditional neck lift. This procedure requires a cosmetic physician to first make small incisions behind the patient’s ears and underneath the chin. From here, a small cannula can be inserted which uses suction to remove the excess fat. The removal of this excess fat leads to tighter, more defined-looking skin overall.

How Long Can I Expect My Results to Last?

The benefit of liposuction around the neck and chin is that results are rather instantaneous thanks to the direct removal of fat deposits in the area. The downside may be that fat cells can return, requiring a patient to schedule additional liposuction sessions later on.

Those who opt for a traditional neck lift will find that results last anywhere from 10 to 15 years! These long-lasting results often bring peace of mind to patients who are excited to put their best face forward in the world.

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