Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Restoration Options at Skin & Vein

Hair restoration options

Physical appearance has a way of being closely linked to many people’s sense of confidence and well-being. When aesthetic changes occur, it can be tricky to feel like yourself and it’s normal to feel a sense of loss or unease with the transition. From the development of fine lines and […]

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Hair Restoration Therapy from Skin & Vein

Hair loss is a rather common, yet nonetheless problematic condition for many men and women across the map. Whether it’s hair shedding, balding, or thinning, hair loss has a way of impacting one’s sense of self-confidence and can affect how we face the world on a daily basis. There are […]

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What to Expect from Traditional and FUE Michigan Hair Restoration

A recipient of FUE Michigan hair restoration at skin and vein

Hair restoration technology has advanced over the years, allowing potential candidates for hair transplant procedures to receive life changing results. The most popular procedure for treating thinning hair and balding is a hair transplant. If you are considering a possible hair restoration procedure, there are several things to keep in […]

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How to Slow Hair Loss

Most men and women will agree, there’s nothing fun about hair loss. Hair loss can be a gradual effect of aging and genetics, or it can be due to a skin condition, disease, or injury. If you’re experiencing unwanted hair loss and wondering what you might do to slow this […]

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PRP for Hairloss: Why it may be your Ticket to a Full Head of Hair

Many men and women alike have long sought after solutions to hair loss. Ointments, creams, medications, hair grafting, and toupees have all offered something help restore or hide thinning hair. As hair loss patients continue to look for real solutions, many turn to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP therapy, […]

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What is Alopecia and What Can You Do to Fix It?

Many people may be concerned about thinning hair, or even hair loss. Hair loss is called alopecia and there are many reasons that can cause the hair loss. Causes of Alopecia Many researchers claim that genetics are to blame; however, there are a number of other factors that can cause […]

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A Look at the Hair Restoration and Transplant Procedure

Men and women alike are often worried about hair loss or thinning. Previously, many people were refused hair transplants due to their extensive hair loss. However, today, because of advances in technology, many of those patients are now good candidates for these new transplant procedures and hair restoration in Michigan. […]

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