Regain a Full Head of Hair with Our Michigan Hair Restoration Treatment

Are you starting to notice your head of hair looking thinner and thinner? If so now might be the right time to regain all that lost hair with our Michigan hair restoration program. Both men and women can experience hair shedding, thinning, and even balding due to certain health factors and even genetics. Hair transplants continue to be the best way to recover lost hair, but the procedure itself has vastly improved over the years. Now we can help you achieve regrowth of hair in areas that have been through heavy thinning.

Previous Treatments

Before the technological advances of today, hair restoration was achieved through traditional hair transplants. This was achieved by removing a “donor strip” of hair typically from elsewhere on the patient’s head. The strip would then be grafted onto the treatment area, transplanting up to 600 hair follicles. Unfortunately, this process leaves behind a scar from where the strip was removed. Traditional hair transplants are a very time-consuming process and limit the number of follicles that can be transplanted in a single day. Now we are able to achieve similar results but with a less invasive procedure.

FUE Procedure

Now we are able to remove hair follicles and transfer them without the invasive grafting of a traditional hair transplant. Our FUE procedure, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a minimally invasive Michigan hair restoration procedure where hair follicles are individually removed from areas of your scalp that are genetically stronger and have not thinned. Our technicians carefully transplant each hair follicle to the point where we can recreate your personal hairline and hair growth patterns. Even if strips have to be removed, our trichophytic closure techniques allow any linear scars left behind to be almost undetectable.

Benefits of FUE

With a minimally invasive procedure like FUE, there is a much smaller recovery period as compared to traditional hair implants. Now our patients are able to heal within a matter of days instead of weeks. In fact, most patients can return to regular activities in just a day or two at most. We use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable, even though the procedure produces little to no pain already.

Michigan Hair Restoration Done Right

Do not let any other cosmetic institute tell you their hair restoration program can show better results than our FUE procedure. Simply give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation and we can help you achieve a fuller head of hair in no time!

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