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Treating Hair Shedding, Thinning, and Balding

There are few things that affect millions of people’s self-confidence each year more than hair shedding, thinning, and balding; a development that affects both men and women as they age or due to other health factors that cause patients to see a loss that they did not anticipate. Hair transplants have been probably the most popular baldness cure in terms of long-term hair restoration treatments, though the initial hair transplant procedures produced results that are nothing like what our Michigan hair restoration specialists are able to perform today.

Man looking to hair restoration procedures to solve his frequent hair shedding

Natural hair restoration procedures have come a long way in recent years with new advancements making it possible for many patients who were once not candidates for a successful hair transplant to enjoy growth in areas of heavy hair shedding, thinning, or balding.

Traditional Hair Transplants

The traditional hair transplant procedure begins with the careful removal of a “donor strip” of hair, usually from the back of the patient’s own head, and then grafts this new strip into the area where hair growth has slowed significantly or stopped altogether. This time-consuming process allows the surgeon to only transplant around 600 follicular unit grafts per day, but more advanced techniques including the “Follicular Unit Extraction” method (FUE) allow for a much faster and much less invasive process.

hair transplant

*Individual Results May Vary

before and after hair transplant treatment

*Individual Results May Vary

Modern Day Techniques for Hair Restoration and Transplants

With the FUE procedure, the follicular unit is easily separated from surrounding tissues and taken out using very small forceps. Small holes are left where the follicular unit was taken out, but they heal within a matter of days and are undetectable once the patient’s hair grows over the area. The healing time with the FUE procedure is much quicker than with the donor strip extraction procedure which has been used so much in the past.

Other advancements such as the use of trichophytic closure techniques in which the linear scar that is left behind once strips are taken out, is now made nearly undetectable. These types of advancements are often used in celebrity hair restoration methods and hair restoration treatments for patients who were initially concerned about their hair transplants being obvious to others.

Modern hair replacement in Michigan procedures are performed with a local anesthetic and cause little to no pain to the patient though there is some mild discomfort once the anesthesia has worn off. Patients are usually able to return to their normal activities within a day or two. Best of all, as you can see from celebrity hair restoration procedures, they are much more effective than ever before!

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*Individual Results May Vary