Hair Restoration Options at Skin & Vein

Physical appearance has a way of being closely linked to many people’s sense of confidence and well-being. When aesthetic changes occur, it can be tricky to feel like yourself and it’s normal to feel a sense of loss or unease with the transition. From the development of fine lines and wrinkles to changes in skin tone and volume, there are many physical changes that can leave people looking for remedies. Among these changes, hair loss has a way of changing the way a person feels about themselves and trying to hide behind hats and hair wraps.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss, more formally known as alopecia, can affect men and women alike and is often a permanent condition. The vast majority of hair loss is directly linked to hereditary origins, but can also be associated with certain medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, or simply, the natural aging process. While some people experience hair loss at a rapid rate, others see a gradual thinning over time. For many, hair loss tends to begin around the crown of the head but in some scenarios, hair loss happens in patches.

Hair Restoration Options

While many who suffer from hair loss fear that it’s a condition they’ll simply have to live with and endure, advances in cosmetic technology mean this just isn’t the case! These days, hair loss can be remedied and even overcome through a wide variety of techniques and treatments that encourage hair growth again over time. From invasive to more natural hair restoration options, those looking to reverse the effects of hair loss can even customize their approach according to preference and the desired results they’re after.

A Traditional Hair Transplant

For many who suffer from hair loss, a hair transplant is often the first solution that comes to mind, as it’s a procedure that’s been around for the longest. Today, it’s still a viable option for those willing to undergo a more invasive route to achieving the full head of hair they love. A hair transplant involves a cosmetic surgeon carefully removing a donor strip of hair from the patient which usually originates towards the back of the head. Once the area is stitched up, this strip of hair is then grafted into a place on the scalp where hair loss is the most severe and noticeable. A hair transplant will lead to successful results but is a time-consuming procedure as just around 600 follicular unit grafts per day can be placed. A traditional hair transplant is known as a follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS).

The second type of hair transplant approach known as follicular unit extraction (FUE) is also available to patients suffering from hair loss. Instead of removing a strip of hair from the back of the head, this technique allows a surgeon to simply utilize a small tool to remove individual follicles from the donor area instead. This technique may lead to some scarring at the points of extraction but doesn’t require stitches like the FUSS approach.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Those experiencing hair loss interested in a more non-surgical approach to restoring their hair will often find Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to be a great choice. This minimally invasive option is appropriate for both men and women experiencing hair loss and is helpful in stimulating hair follicle regrowth over time.

PRP therapy requires a cosmetic physician to first draw a patient’s blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood contents. Next, a topical anesthetic is applied to the treatment site to ensure maximum comfort before a micro-needling procedure is performed across the affected hair loss areas. The small puncture marks left behind by microneedling not only encourage the body’s natural healing response but provide enhanced openings for the PRP to be injected around the hair follicles. The natural platelets in plasma are responsible for stimulating tissue regeneration, ultimately encouraging follicles to begin growing again!

Because the injection of PRP is so condensed, the body tends to respond to it more quickly, helping patients see positive results faster. Because there are no stitches involved in this non-surgical hair restoration approach, patients are free to return to their daily activities after a session quite uninterrupted!

Reach Out Today

There’s no reason to live with hair loss when regeneration and multiple hair restoration options are available at the Skin & Vein Center. Getting back the confidence you deserve is easier than you may have imagined! When you have questions regarding our many services or would like to begin your hair restoration journey with us, simply reach out! Our dedicated and caring team is always available to provide answers and can offer up insight on alternative treatments available as well. Schedule your consultation today and get back the hair you love with ease.

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