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Counteract Inactivity During Quarantine with a Vein Treatment

One of the biggest struggles many are dealing with in quarantine is long bouts of inactivity. Many individuals have been shut in their homes for months now. It can be difficult to


Tips for Vein Health Over the Winter

While you might be eagerly awaiting the holiday season, the colder temperatures may not be welcome to everyone. Winter is just around the corner, and with it, some precautions should be taken


4 Tips for Choosing a Michigan Vein Care Specialist

Your vein health is extremely important to your body,so finding the right physician is equally as important. Not all vein doctors are trained the same or knowledgeable in the same treatments. Here


5 Benefits of Getting Vein Treatment at Skin & Vein Center

When looking for vein treatment in the state of Michigan you have plenty of options to choose from. With so many options currently available, it can be difficult to settle on single


Best Foods for Vein Health

You are what you eat, and that could not be any truer than for your vein health. Our veins hold one of the most important responsibilities in the body by transporting oxygen.


Fat Embolism Symptoms: What are They and What are the Dangers?

Many dangers of our body’s veins and blood arteries exist after we incur trauma to the body. One such danger is fat embolisms. For the unaware, an embolus is anything that can

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Can Sitting Too Much Cause Venous Disease?

We all do it. Every single day, a significant portion of our time is going to be sitting down. Whether it is driving ourselves to work, eating our favorite dinner, or checking

Spider Veins

5 Ways to Make Spider Veins Less Noticeable

Spider veins, the twisting and curling veins often noticeable upon the face, legs, chest, or neck, continue to be a burden on men and women of older age. Research has determined that

Spider Veins

Top Complications Caused by Untreated Vein Disease

When it comes to vein disease, we tend to feel it is a cosmetic issue that can be costly (monetarily) to deal with, but in reality, it can be costly to your

Varicose Veins

5 Reasons to Pick a Specialist for Vein Removal Procedures

As you may know, if you are struggling with varicose veins, or any other vein issue, you can be facing any number of problems, including self consciousness, pain, swelling, and other symptoms.

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