5 Ways to Make Spider Veins Less Noticeable

Spider veins, the twisting and curling veins often noticeable upon the face, legs, chest, or neck, continue to be a burden on men and women of older age. Research has determined that spider veins can be the result of obesity, abnormal vein structures, and smoking. Additional factors can include pregnancy, birth control, and family history. There are several ways to reduce the appearance of these slithery vessels; here are our top five ways to do just that:

Lifestyle Changes

Obesity is one causal factor in developing spider veins. Weight loss routines and eating healthier are the important first step to combat obesity. Obesity can cause spider veins by the amount of stress it places on the body. Smoking is also another habit that contributes to the appearance of spider veins. Smoking restricts blood circulation in the body and causes veins to swell up.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are an easy to find accessory at most medical and drug stores. These stockings alleviate pain by improving circulation in the legs and reduce the appearance of spider veins.

Make-Up to cover Spider & Facial Veins

Professional grade make-up is available to cover-up these unwanted spider or facial veins. Foundation and concealers are used to cover up marks such as blemishes, and are easy to apply to someone’s legs and face. These can easily be purchased at your closest make-up provider.


Self-tanning products are another temporary solution for covering up spider veins and are similar in application to foundation and concealers. However, when using self-tanners, it is important to apply evenly over large areas instead of focusing just on where the marks are visible.

Spider-Vein Removal

Make-up and self-tanning products are temporary solutions which require constant reapplication and can look blotchy if done incorrectly. Compression stockings, while helpful, aren’t always fully effective, especially if there are underlying vein problems causing the spider veins to appear. Creating lifestyle changes takes a considerable amount of time before any results are noticeable.

Laser spider vein treatment is now an effective option for permanent, long-term removal. Removal options are even pain-free, with only a mild discomfort during the procedure. Unlike make-up options that can only be effective when applied to certain areas, laser vein removal can be done across the chest, neck, legs, and can even remove facial veins. Treatment can lead to immediate results, which can’t be said of the other four options.

Why Wait?

Explore the various spider vein removal options that are currently available. It’s time to finally get rid of those unwanted spider veins and say hello to beautiful skin. Contact Skin & Vein today for more information about how to combat vein disease.


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