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As we age, our bodies start changing in ways that we tend to find unappealing. Our hips grow wider, our hair turns gray or falls out altogether, and the face that we stare at every morning in the mirror becomes a stranger’s face, sagging and melting into the shape of a person who appears to be way older than we actually are! Historically, we have had only two choices: get used to that stranger and realize it’s only going to get worse from here, or spend thousands of dollars on facelift surgery that is painful, invasive, and could leave us looking like a constantly surprised cat!

As neither of those options are particularly appealing, we are thrilled to discover a third option has entered the playing field – the Y LIFT® procedure! What is a Y lift and how is this, reputed to be a non-surgical and noninvasive procedure, promising to help restore that stranger in the mirror back to a younger version of the beautiful and vibrant people we have become, the Y LIFT® could be the answer we are all looking for. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers that will help you determine if the Y LIFT® is the right choice for you as you enter your autumnal years

And Finally

At the end of the day, you need to be happy with the face you look at in the mirror, and if you want fewer wrinkles and sagging with minimum downtime, Y LIFT® might just be the procedure that can make you smile. In today’s culture, youth rules, and Y LIFT® can give you the appearance of looking up to 10 years younger. Is it worth a try? If you want to try it for yourself, schedule a consultation today!


A procedure that sculpts the areas of your face and neck that show the most obvious signs of aging (jawline, neck & cheekbones) using an instrument made out of titanium without anesthesia or incisions while injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin to ensure the changes that are made hold their position
Being minimally invasive and requiring no incisions, it is completely safe, but should only be done by physicians trained in the procedure, as allergic reactions are possible.
The entire procedure involves shaping and contouring with the titanium instrument and injecting fillers under the skin with no incisions or general anesthesia.
Done as an outpatient procedure, it only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete; the patient can take a long lunch and come back to work looking years younger.
here is no recovery time; you can resume normal life activities immediately upon completion of the Y LIFT® procedure.
No, the procedure lasts roughly 1-2 years. Touch-ups can be performed when needed.
Prices range from $2000 and up to over $5000 determined by how much of the face will need injections.

*Individual Results May Vary