Dr. Eric Seiger Brings the Revolutionary Y LIFT® to Michigan

Dramatic and Instant Results

Cheekbone Accentuation * Jawline Definition * Upper Neck Improvement

Dr. Eric Seiger is one of only a few select physicians in the country now certified in the world-renowned, Y-Lift technique. The Y-Lift is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive “lunch time” lift. This is an in-office, no incision, no downtime procedure with amazing results.

How the Y LIFT Works

As we age, the face gradually loses volume. When a person has lost a certain amount of that volume, it can be rejuvenated by re-volumizing it with the Y LIFT ®.

The Y LIFT ® procedure uses FDA approved fillers to restore lost fat and bone tissue. During the process of aging, the facial bone structure begins to soften and lose its high cheekbones, and contoured jawline and chin. This causes the skin to look like it’s sagging. It’s a common misconception that all faces require a traditional facelift to remove this “sagging” or excess skin. However, the skin is not actually the culprit – the loss of bone and fatty tissue are to blame!

What is the difference between the Y LIFT ® and a traditional surgical facelift?

During a surgical facelift, skin is removed to fit the remaining bone structure, while the Y LIFT ® replaces the lost bone and fatty tissue.


Let’s break it down even further – if you were to blow up a balloon and tie it off, after a while, some of the air would leak out and you would see the deflation (sagging). If you wanted the balloon to look new again there are 2 options:

  1. Tie a new knot in the balloon, making it smaller (surgical facelift), OR
  2. Add more air back into the balloon (restore lost volume with the Y LIFT ®)

Both surgical facelifts and the Y LIFT ®, rejuvenate the face. It’s all a matter of what works best for the patient. Most patients can be rejuvenated with the minimally invasive Y LIFT ® procedure

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