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Even with a consistent healthy diet and an active lifestyle throughout the years, a youthful appearance will naturally begin to fade. For many people, this transition can be hard to accept, and the desire to regain a more youthful glow has always been common among both men and women who feel like they no longer recognize the face in the mirror.

The Y LIFT® procedure offers a new way to help turn back the hands of time and restore a refreshed appearance to features while ridding the face of unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin. This cosmetic procedure can take years off a patient’s face while still looking completely natural. The Y LIFT® is given the name as the procedure works to restore the natural “Y” shape of a youthful face with high, wide forehead and eyes and a narrowing of the face toward the chin. Let’s take a look at five benefits that Y LIFT® patients can enjoy.

Minimally Invasive

Unlike a standard facelift procedure, the Y LIFT® procedure is a non-surgical facelift performed with a very small titanium instrument which is gently maneuvered underneath the skin to help lift and contour the muscles. Once the muscles are lifted, hyaluronic acid helps hold them in place. Very small incisions are made, which make this procedure far less risky and painful than traditional face lifts.

Requires No General Anesthesia

Since the procedure is so minimally invasive, it is not necessary for the patient to be put under general anesthesia as is usually the case with a traditional facelift. With general anesthesia, patients are at a higher risk for complications and usually require a much longer downtime to heal.

Instant Results

After your Y LIFT facelift procedure, you’ll be able to see an improvement almost immediately. You won’t need to wait for weeks for significant swelling to go down and instead, you’ll be able to notice how your features have been gently lifted and enhanced.

Natural, Beautiful Results

The Y LIFT facelift provides patients with very natural improvements that aren’t overly obvious and don’t look too forced. Our Y-LIFT® patients are generally quite pleased with the outcome of this cosmetic enhancement.

No Scars

This minimally invasive procedure is so gentle in comparison with other face lifts methods, and as such, no glaring scars are left behind. Lots of facelift patients feel unhappy with the scars that often come as part of the package when a traditional facelift is sought, but Y-LIFT® patients don’t need to worry about scars giving away their secret. Contact the Skin & Vein Center today to see if this non-surgical facelift procedure is right for you!

Before & After Pictures of Y-Lift

Y LIFT facelift

*Individual Results May Vary

Y LIFT facelift

Y LIFT facelift

Y LIFT facelift

*Individual Results May Vary