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For years the majority of varicose veins and other venous diseases have been treated with surgical procedures that were invasive on the body. These procedures have a higher risk for additional side effects to occur. Now there is a variety of alternative treatments that are minimally invasive and provide incredible results. One of the newest alternative treatments is known as VenaSeal, an amazing new breakthrough injectable treatment for varicose veins that fixes the underlying source of your venous disease. Here is what you need to know about the VenaSeal procedure:

What is VenaSeal?

The non-surgical VenaSeal treatment is injected into your vein to permanently seal it off. This newly developed procedure achieves this through an endovenous closure and does so without the need for any sedatives. While a small amount of local anesthetic is used on the injection site, patients will not be able to feel the catheter inserted into the vein. The catheter is then inserted at several positions in the vein before our physicians manually close down the impacted vein. Once the affected vein is closed, blood flow will be redistributed to nearby healthy veins.

After Your Treatment

VenaSeal can be easily completed in our offices so you do not have to incur additional costs by checking into a hospital. Most patients will only have a small bandage at the site of injection following the procedure and little else, similar to when you have blood drawn. VenaSeal causes significantly less pain and bruising compared to other treatment options. Additionally, there is no need for post-procedure support hoses. While some patients may need to rest after the procedure, most can return to their everyday activities right away.

Results of the VenaSeal Treatment

Patients of the VenaSeal procedure will begin to see the benefits right away following their procedure. Any symptoms and discomfort associated with venous disease and varicose veins will begin to fade, along with bulging veins. Most symptoms can easily be treated with VenaSeal.

Drawbacks of VenaSeal

At this time there are no identifiable drawbacks of the VenaSeal treatment. Clinical studies have shown a 97% success rate for patients who chose VenaSeal to treat their varicose veins and it was determined to be safe and effective. There is no reason to say no to VenaSeal!

VenaSeal with the Skin & Vein Center

If you are ready to treat your varicose veins and other venous diseases for good, make sure you choose the Skin & Vein Center. Our staff is trained in a variety of venous disease treatments, including the  VenaSeal procedure. Call today for your free consultation and see if you are an ideal patient for VenaSeal. Your symptoms of varicose veins will be gone in no time!

*Individual Results May Vary