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fenton skin and vein center

The Fenton Skin and Vein Center

As you age, you may notice things changing on your body; your skin just doesn’t have that glow it used to, the tattoos you once thought were cool begin to look like youthful mistakes, and even though you try to eat healthy and exercise regularly, muffin tops, cankles, batwings, and back fat are all words that have become a regular and disconcerting part of your vocabulary!

Aging brings about more medical issues as well. Those spider veins that have developed on your legs are unsightly and generally a cosmetic problem, but those gnarly purple varicose veins that are painful, in addition to being unattractive, could be a sign of a more complex medical condition. Growing older isn’t for the faint of heart, but fortunately, when you live in the Fenton area of Michigan, you aren’t alone—you have the Fenton Skin and Vein Center and Dr. Eric Seiger to help you fight your battle!

Services We Offer

Because we make it our mission to help you look and feel your best, our Fenton dermatology and cosmetic surgery list of services we provide is extensive. We offer everything from acne scar removal, rash treatment, and skin resurfacing for problem skin to mini facelifts, Y-Lifts®, and liposuction for those age-related nuisances. There’s no need for that young and shapely person inside you to keep hiding; it’s time for your outside to match your inside!

For those youthful indiscretions that you thought were cool at the time, but today are causing you financial difficulties, we also offer laser tattoo removal and ear repair for those who no longer wish to be judged by the gauges in their ears. And for those of you with spider or varicose veins, we can help you with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of new occurrences. Your health and comfort are important and there is no need to continue to suffer in silence.

Dr. Eric Seiger is Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Caring

Dr. Seiger is a top dermatologist in Fenton, MI with an extensive list of degrees, honors, and accomplishments in the cosmetic surgery world, but more than that, he truly cares for his patients. He will listen to your concerns, answer all your questions, and ensure that you are 100 percent ready for the procedure you are about to undergo. You are a person first, and he never forgets that! Schedule your consultation with the Fenton Skin and Vein Center today and let us help you be the best you possible!

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