The Age Defying Neck Lift Benefits

When the signs of aging start to appear around your neck, it can appear as loose or sagging skin. If you are experiencing excess skin around the neck, it may be time for a neck lift. Removing this excess skin can help you regain years in your face and look great. A neck lift is especially important as the neck is very hard to naturally tighten again. A neck lift is a procedure that will remove any loose skin that develops from skin relaxation. It can also help remove any fat tissue that can be found beneath the chin, helping your face appear slimmer. This is a perfect way to help address the natural changes your body is going through with aging. Like other age-defying procedures, there are plenty of neck lift benefits for those looking to look younger again. Here are those benefits:

No Major Incisions

A standard neck lift utilized several incisions that physically remove excess skin tissue from the neck. The modern neck lift we are utilizing in our office avoids removing skin tissue. Instead, small incisions are made behind your ears where we can remove fat tissue with a tiny cannula. This allows us to remove the fat tissue found in the jowls and remove the appearance of sagging skin. Your skin will appreciate the lack of major incisions so you can quickly heal.

Minor Recovery Time

As mentioned, our neck lifts do not require a long recovery time. Instead, you will be able to heal in a matter of days instead of weeks. This is a great procedure for those who cannot be bedridden for long and are constantly on the go.

Minor Complications

Some cosmetic procedures may be riskier in terms of available benefits after the treatment is complete. Not a neck lift, as this procedure has very few complications. In fact, several research studies have compared neck lifts to other cosmetic procedures and found few comparisons. Most patients have also been happy with their results and the few complications they experienced overall.

More Results from the Skin & Vein Center

Like other procedures, the results of your treatment and neck lift benefits all fall in the hands of your cosmetic physician. At the Skin & Vein Center you will receive the best care in all of Michigan. All you have to do is call today to schedule a no obligation consultation and see if our neck lift is right for you.

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