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It’s only natural to have questions about the pain and risks involved with laser hair removal before you decide to go through with the treatment. As one of the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures performed, the biggest risk of laser hair removal comes from not choosing the right surgeon.

Pain During the Procedure 

The level of discomfort that is felt during laser hair removal will depend on the area being treated. When there is pain, it is generally described as having the same feeling as a rubber band being snapped against the skin. As the hair becomes thinner with each treatment, the pain seems to ease up.

Potential Side Effects 

As with any procedure, every patient considering laser hair removal should be aware of the potential risks. Though rare with this type of treatment, there are a few different short-term side effects that can occur. This may include:

  • Skin irritation: Patients may experience some temporary irritation around the treated area. Skin can swell, turn red, and be tender to the touch. It is usually likened to the feeling of a sunburn and only lasts a few hours to a couple days.
  • Pigment changes: Laser hair removal can have an effect on the pigment of a patient’s skin, lightening or darkening the treated area. This is typically temporary and can be caused by incorrect laser use.
  • Burning: Mild burns might appear if the hair above the skin’s surface is too long, drawing the laser’s attention to it instead of the hair follicles underneath the skin.
  • Changes in skin texture: In some cases, patients might notice blistering, crusting, or scabbing after treatment. This, too, should go away in a few days time.

In addition, laser hair removal is not usually recommended for pregnant women.

When you come to the Skin and Vein Center for laser hair removal, you can trust that our doctors are experienced and knowledgeable in this specific treatment. We will go over all the possible risks with you during your consultation so you can get answers to your questions and have peace of mind moving forward.

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