Regain Hair with the Skin & Vein Center

It can be taxing on one’s self-confidence to notice their hair thinning on top or losing actual patches of hair. Balding and hair thinning impact millions of lives each year as men and women continue to battle hair loss. A variety of factors can be at the root of the cause, including age and health. To combat this, many forms of treatment have become available over the past few decades; hair transplants are one of the most well-known option. Advances in technology have allowed hair restoration treatments to now be more effective than ever. Find out how you can regain hair with us!

Older, Traditional Hair Transplants

You have probably seen ads on TV for years with many companies claiming they have found the key to cure hair loss. Traditional hair transplants have been a staple and work by removing hair from one area of the body and grafting it to where the hair loss is occurring. The hair is often removed from a “donor strip” that is located on the back of your head. Traditional hair transplants are a difficult and time-consuming procedure; most surgeons can transplant approximately 600 follicles a day. If you know anything about hair, our hair follicles are extremely small, so 600 follicles don’t account for much.

Follicular Unit Extraction

At the Skin & Vein Center, we will treat your hair loss with a specialized technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. The procedure allows us to remove follicles from your surrounding tissue. The follicles are removed in strips, allowing a trichophytic closure technique to ensure any scar tissue is virtually undetectable. This type of procedure is extremely popular with celebrities who often lose hair just as often as regular people, but you can never tell. To ensure our patients’ comfort, we use a local anesthetic, so you feel no pain during the procedure. Expect to return to any daily activities within a short day or two. Any holes from where the follicles were removed are fully healed in a manner of days.

Only the Skin & Vein Center Can Do It Right

Our trusted physicians at the Skin & Vein Center will ensure you have better-looking hair with our FUE treatment plans. Call today to schedule a free consultation and see if this hair restoration procedure is right for you. A personalized treatment plan will be created based on your needs.

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