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miraDry Safety

Everyone has suffered from embarrassing moments of excessive sweating: Right before that big speech you had to give for work, that time you were about to propose to your significant other, job interviews, important tests, first dates. The world is full of potentially sweaty situations, but most of us realize that once the situation is over, the sweating will abate.

Miradry safety

But what if it doesn’t? What if every day and every situation you encountered caused you to sweat profusely, ruining your clothes and leaving you wondering if you are emitting an odor from your overactive sweat glands? If this is you, chances are you are suffering from a condition known as hyperhidrosis and have probably thought it was something you would just have to live with. Thanks to the miraDry® procedure, however, we are happy to tell you that you were wrong in your presumptions. This condition CAN be managed in a simple outpatient procedure that takes mere minutes to perform. And don’t worry; miraDry safety is nearly guaranteed!

How Does our miraDry® Michigan procedure Work?

After numbing the skin of the underarm, electromagnetic injury is applied to the numbed area with a small handheld device, sending enough heat to destroy the overactive glands and offering immediate results. No incisions are necessary, and any discomfort or swelling can be managed by over the counter medications. All of this helps improve the safety of miraDry®, ensuring no serious complications!

Aren’t Sweat Glands Important to Your Health?

It is true that sweat glands are necessary for cooling off the body, but the reality is that out of four million sweat glands that exist on the human body, only about 2% of those can be found in the underarm area. Your body’s natural cooling system will still be perfectly effective. The miraDry® procedure has been performed tens of thousands of times over the years with little or no issues, and with a 98% satisfaction rating for the patients who have undergone the procedure, this is a long-lasting procedure that you might want to consider if you suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Are There Other Treatments Available for Overactive Sweat Glands?

The only other long-lasting option is the surgical removal of the sweat glands, but any time you undergo surgery, you amp up the risk of complications and lengthen recovery time. Botox® has been found to work, but it is only a temporary solution, as are antiperspirants designed for hyperhidrosis. miraDry® is both long-lasting and safe.

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Stained clothing and odors will be a thing of the past with the miraDry® procedure! Best of all, there’s no need to even worry about the safety of miraDry®! Contact The Skin & Vein Center today to learn more about miraDry safety and how miraDry® can help you deal with hyperhidrosis.

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