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One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal is that it will immediately take out all hair in the area that is treated. Every patient responds differently to treatment, but the truth is that it will take at least a few consistent sessions before results can really start to take hold. If you are considering laser hair removal, it’s important that you sit down with your doctor prior to beginning treatment to go over your expectations and the reality of what you can anticipate taking place after the procedure has been done.

What Results Can Be Expected? 

To achieve the best results, it’s typically recommended that patients go in for laser hair removal every four to six weeks. This allows the treatment to target as many follicles as possible according to their growth cycle and gives enough time for dead hair shafts to fall out. The most significant reduction in hair will usually start to be noticed approximately three months after the first session or over the course of four to six treatments.

How Long Does Treatment Last? 

After each laser treatment, hair will start to grow back slower and finer every time. Once the procedure has been done several times, a large percentage of hair will be taken out. To keep this appearance, it’s likely touch-ups will be needed once or twice a year to maintain results and eliminate new hair growth.

How Well Does Laser Hair Removal Typically Work?

For a good majority of people, laser hair removal is the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted hair. However, results will vary depending on many factors. The patient must be a good candidate for the procedure, the right equipment must be used, and the doctor should have extensive knowledge and experience in performing the treatment.

Is There a Chance It Won’t Work?

Finer hair and lighter colors can be trickier to treat than coarse strands and darker pigments. While treatment may work in some instances, there are other cases where it may not. The greatest results are seen on those with light skin and dark hair.

At the Skin & Vein Center, our doctors and medical staff are committed to making sure you know exactly what to expect from your laser hair removal. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so you can learn more about our treatment techniques.

*Individual Results May Vary