Laser Hair Removal Cost and Recovery | Skin & Vein
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For the millions of people who have grown tired of the endless sessions of waxing, tweezing, shaving, or plucking unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a welcome alternative option. Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States and uses beams of highly concentrated light to zap hair follicles and kill them on the spot. Once the hair follicles have been completely destroyed, the hair does not grow back, which means the patient is then free from worrying about unwanted hair in the treated region ever again.


There are many benefits to laser hair removal, including the precision of the treatment, which targets even the darkest, coarsest hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Speed is another great benefit, as many hair follicles can be treated at once, and smaller areas such as the upper lip can be completely treated in under a minute. Compare this time to the hours spent shaving or plucking a particular area and it’s well worth the effort.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal cost is one of the most common inquiries that potential patients have. It’s important to recognize that the overall cost is going to depend on many factors, including the area of treatment (larger or multiple areas cost more as does hair removal of particularly coarse, thick hair) and the number of treatments required for full results. The area of the country where the procedure is being performed will also have an effect on the overall cost. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has provided an AVERAGE cost of $235 per session to give patients a general idea.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery

A couple of days after your laser hair removal, your skin will feel and look much like if the skin had been sunburned. The use of moisturizers and cool compresses can help, and makeup should be kept to a minimum until the skin is fully healed. The hair will begin to fall out over the following months. Sunscreen should be used to help protect the skin as it heals. Overall, laser hair removal recovery is a smooth process.

If you’ve been considering the many benefits of laser hair removal and look forward to a day when you no longer have to feel embarrassed or ashamed of unruly, unwanted hair or forking over lots of money and time to try to rid yourself of it, the best thing to do is to learn all you can about what to expect. A consultation will provide you with all the necessary information you might need regarding this procedure.

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