Winter Skin Care Tips & Treatments

The arrival of winter is always exciting. It can mean looking forward to thrilling ski vacations, time in the snow with little ones, or cozy evenings curled up in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. While winter comes with plenty of moments of fun, it also comes with harsh temperature fluctuations that can wreak havoc on your skin. Winter has a way of depleting the moisture we indulge in during the summer months, and it doesn’t take long for the skin to be subjected to everything from cracking and chapping to tightening or presenting with an overall duller appearance. In order to avoid this frustrating and often painful scenario, consider implementing the following winter skin care tips and treatments this year!

Swap out Traditional Lotions for Heavier Creams

Having a daily moisturizing routine is wonderful, but unfortunately, the same techniques don’t necessarily hold up through every season. The lotions you use in the summer might not quite cut it when winter rolls in. When the temperatures fall and you know you have to be out and about, plan on swapping out summer lotions for heavier winter creams. This small adjustment can create a much-needed moisture barrier that will last longer and provide your skin with the extra boost it needs in the cold months of the year.

Keep Lip Balm Handy

It’s easy to forget just how exposed the skin on your lips is until you find yourself in a chapped situation in the winter. From the glare of the sun to icy winter winds, your lips don’t have much natural protection against the harsh elements. This is perhaps one of the most painful winter skin situations that can be easily avoided by keeping a lip balm with sufficient UV protection on hand at all times. Whether your plans have you heading out for normal winter errands or you have a full ski trip planned, protecting your lips should be priority number one this time of year.

Use a Moisturizing Soap to Avoid Chapped Hands

Winter is a season with a reputation for colds and flu. Changing temperatures can put immune systems at risk and one of the best barriers against germs is regularly washing your hands. Unfortunately, increased handwashing can also lead to chapped and cracked knuckles rather quickly. Get ahead of this common winter skin care issue by switching to a hand soap that’s infused with a moisturizer well before winter takes hold.

Stock Up on Sunscreen

The sun doesn’t take a break in the winter and neither should your sunscreen application routine. Committ to putting on this important UV block daily as the sun’s reflection on the snow can actually increase the potential for sunburn, particularly if you’re enjoying slopeside fun.

Infuse Baths with Oils

Anything you can do to give your skin a moisturizing boost through the winter months is a win. Baths are a fantastic way to relax, infuse your skin with much-needed moisture, and find a moment of winter Zen as well. Consider adding a few drops of natural oils such as lavender or rose to your bath water in the colder months to help create a safe barrier on your skin. This addition helps hold in moisture and comes with the added benefit of amazing aromas too!

Brighten Dull Skin with Professional Treatments

Many people save their facial skin treatments for the summer months, but booking professional skincare sessions in the winter comes with a few added benefits. Options like laser treatments, peels, and facials often come with a recommendation to avoid the sun for a period of time after a session in order to maintain successful and healthy results. Booking any of these treatments in the winter can be a bit easier thanks to the fact that more time is generally spent indoors already. Whether you book a Hydra Facial, chemical peel, or facial resurfacing session, you’ll find that winter is a wonderful chance to eliminate dull skin cells that have accumulated in the cold and reveal a fresh, glowing new look just in time for the holidays! Options like micro-needling or PRP therapy are also fantastic routes to winter skin rejuvenation that will leave you looking and feeling your best, even through some of winter’s harshest moments.

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