Who Is Susceptible To Spider Veins?

Close-up of leg with varicose veins

Spider veins are the irritating reddish, purplish or blueish damaged veins that show up just beneath the skin’s surface. These damaged veins are generally found on the backs of the knees, on the feet, around the ankles, on the calves and thighs, and sometimes on the face and hands. Spider veins generally cause some embarrassment among those who have them but getting rid of them will take some professional, medical intervention. So who is most susceptible to developing spider veins and what causes them?

Women In General

Women in general are more susceptible to developing spider veins than men are. Women of all ages may noticed these small purple veins showing up even in their younger years. Men will develop spider veins as well, just not as frequently as women.

Those Who Have A Genetic Disposition

If your mother or grandmother had spider veins, you have a much higher chance of developing them as well. Though spider veins may develop for any number of reasons, heredity plays a large part in whether or not a person will suffer from them.

Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant face a whole plethora of potential problems as they carry a baby and pregnant women are prone to developing them as they grow in size. The excess weight can put unwelcome pressure on the legs making it harder for the blood to flow freely from the heart and back. This strain often shows up in the form of spider veins both large and small.

The Elderly

Elderly adults may have many spider veins show up as they advance in years. The body’s natural aging process includes a weakening of the walls of the veins throughout the body causing some veins to struggle and become purple or red.

Those With Jobs Requiring Long Hours of Sitting or Standing

If you have a job that requires really long hours of sitting day in and day out without breaks, your legs may respond to the lack of movement by developing spider veins. The same is true for those who stand for hours on end without the ability to elevate their legs or take breaks to walk and stretch. To keep the blood freely flowing, regular exercise, even if it’s a brisk walk to the bathroom or around the block several times a day, helps to keep veins functioning properly.

If you’re suffering from spider veins, there is hope for permanent removal. Contact us to find out how we can get rid of your damaged veins once and for all.

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