What Causes Warts, and How Are They Treated?

Warts are one of the most common superficial skin conditions. You have probably had one before or know someone who has. Warts are typical and generally are not a cause for concern. They are technically a skin tissue infection caused by a variety of viruses in the human papillomavirus or HPV family. Here is what you need to know about what causes warts and what kind of treatment you can find:

What Causes Warts

As mentioned, warts area skin infection most often caused by HPV. The virus is able to invade the top layer of your skin through cuts or scratches. We are in contact with over 100 different types of HPV viruses each and every day, so it can be easy to develop a wart if precautions are not taken. Different strains of HPV are more likely to cause warts to develop on the hand, others can be more likely to cause genital warts. Coming into contact with these viruses may not cause instantaneous development of warts; instead, you may have had contact months ago, with the wart slowly developing over time. The most common way to develop warts is coming into direct skin contact—typically through a handshake—from a person who has or had a wart. Other common ways include biting your fingernails and having cuts from shaving. Warts can develop around the neck for men and legs for women, where shaving is common.

Treatments for Warts

Washing your hands regularly throughout the day and wearing shoes in a public place like a community pool or gym can help prevent warts from developing. However, sometimes warts can still develop, but treatments are readily available. A variety of treatments can be recommended, including medication, surgery, and cryotherapy. It is recommended that warts be treated immediately so it does not spread to other parts of the body. Treatments can easily be completed in our offices after an initial appointment and consultation and typically do not take long. Make sure to seek treatment as soon as possible if you believe you have any skin or genital warts.

Treatment at the Skin & Vein Center

If you need help getting rid of your skin or genital warts, make sure to trust the Skin & Vein Center for your treatment needs. Our staff is trained in all minor and major procedures to help you have clearer skin. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation.

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