Is Vein Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Vein diseases really run the gamut in regards to severity, type, and who they affect. Some younger women experience varicose veins due to pregnancy, weight issues, or physical stressors; older women may develop venous insufficiencies simply due to their advanced years, and even men may find spider veins appearing on the face or around their ankles. Some vein issues are mild (little spider veins across the nose or cheeks), and some are more serious (throbbing varicose veins up and down both legs), and there are treatment options available to assist with all degrees of vein troubles.

Insurance Coverage Options

Many patients who seek vein treatment are concerned about how they will pay for the necessary procedures. The cost of medical procedures can keep many would-be patients from seeking them. However, depending on your insurance plan and your individual situation, insurance may cover a good portion or even all of your vein treatment.

Vein troubles that are more severe and are hindering a patient’s quality of life are more likely to be covered, at least in part, by their insurance provider. Varicose vein treatment is often covered by insurance if the patient and physician are able to show that the treatment is medically necessary.

Schedule A Consultation

The first step in getting your vein issues treated and determining if your insurance will help you cover the costs is to set up an initial consultation to have your vein troubles checked out by our expert physicians. During the consultation, you will be recommended a course of treatment and can discuss if the procedure can be deemed as “medically necessary” for your health and well-being. After your consultation, you can take the information received from your doctor to discuss with your insurance provider to see what your options are for coverage.

Why Treatment Is Important

It can be tempting to assume that perhaps treatment isn’t really necessary and that you’d rather not go through the trouble of determining if your procedure will be covered. Even if your vein problems aren’t particularly serious now, they can become more so if left unattended and untreated for long. Slight vein troubles can grow and spread and cause other health problems.

Call Today

If you are struggling with vein disease, however minor, give our offices a call to schedule an appointment and learn more about your treatment options. We are here to help!

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