Vein Specialty Clinics Versus National Chains 

When it comes to vein disease, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is your health we’re talking about, and it’s important you take it seriously. Vein disease can be a symptom of a more complex underlying medical condition at its worst, or it can just be an unsightly confidence killer that just requires a simple medical procedure to be eradicated. Don’t you want to make sure your doctor knows the difference?

When you choose a vein specialty clinic like ours, you are guaranteed personal service performed by qualified physicians. We’re small and intimate and we like it that way, as do our patients. No one wants to get lost in the cogs of a large corporation, and when it comes to vein treatment, getting lost can be detrimental to your health and safety.

National Chains

Any time you have any procedure done, it is important you check the accreditations of the facility you will be working with. Unfortunately, that is not always going to help you when you deal with a national chain; you WILL be worked on by a certified physician accredited in vein diseases, but you may not even see your physician until the day of your procedure.

A salesperson will take your history at the same time he or she is trying to convince you that their company is the one you should use. Your information will be forwarded to your doctor, but you will not even meet him or her until the day of your procedure. An examination will be conducted right before the vein treatment, to make sure there aren’t any hidden dangers, but is this how you want to be treated as a patient and as a person?

The Skin & Vein Center Cares About You

You’re not a number, you’re not a disease, you’re a person with a name and a life history and we want to make sure you feel safe, secure, and comfortable in choosing Dr. Seiger for your treatment physician. Any questions you have, he will answer. Any concerns or fears you might have will be allayed. As a matter of fact, your initial consultation, examination, diagnosis, and treatment will all be performed by Dr. Seiger or one of our other specialists, and not by a salesman trying to increase his commission for the month. Your safety and health is of utmost importance to us—not everyone can say that.

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