Varicose Veins Increasing in Men

Though typically being thought of as a health issue that women encounter, varicose veins are a growing concern for many men who are suffering from the venous disease. In fact, about one fifth of varicose veins sufferers are men. Though women are generally more likely to seek cosmetic assistance for problems such as varicose veins, doctors are seeing a rise in the number of male patients who are looking for treatment of their varicose veins and other related venous diseases.

Many factors contribute to the development of varicose veins. As the body pumps blood from the legs to the heart and back, some veins and valves struggle due to either age, genetics or extra pressure and weight. This causes a pooling of the blood in the damaged vein which causes swelling in the form of a varicose vein.

Many men who are physically active and athletic are surprised to find that they are not immune to developing venous diseases such as varicose veins. If a parent or a grandparent battled vein disease at one point, there’s a significant increase in developing the condition. Strenuous exercise may actually, in some instances, make varicose veins more prominent. Activities such as heavy weight lifting, for example, can put a lot of pressure on veins.

If you haven’t yet noticed the obvious appearance of developing varicose veins, there are some red flags you can look out for which are often indicators that you might be at risk for developing this condition. If your legs often feel achy, tired, or restless after lengthy periods of either standing or sitting, if your legs are often itchy, you have an increased urge to keep your legs moving at night to avoid cramping, if you’re noticing swelling or darkening of the skin in your lower legs, or if you have sores in your lower legs that take a while to heal, you may want to get your legs and veins checked by a specialist.

To help prevent the development of varicose veins, both men and women can make efforts to control their weight to lessen pressure on their legs and veins, stop smoking so that the circulatory system can perform properly, put your feet up above your head every day for 15 minutes to take pressure off the legs, and consider wearing compression socks whenever possible.

Treating varicose veins should be done through an experienced vein specialist who can apply modern technology and expertise to treat unsightly, uncomfortable veins effectively.

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